What Can Damage A Projector? (13 Causes You Must Know)

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Having a projector for a display in a home theater is a nice feeling. But you should take good care of it because many small mistakes will damage it. It will cost you many dollars or may harm you in rare cases. 

Read this article to consider these causes. From now on, your projector will run without problems.

13 Causes That Can Damage A Project. AT A Glance:

  1. Not Keeping It Dry
  2. Not Cleaning The Air Filter
  3. Placing Heavy Objects On Projector
  4. Not Protecting It From A Power Surge
  5. Not Handling It With Care
  6. Not Installing It To The Ceiling By A Professional
  7. Placing It In Easy To Fall Places
  8. Exposing It To Heat
  9. Overheating It Continuously
  10. Cleaning It With Flammable Liquid
  11. Blocking The Ventilation Opening
  12. Allowing The Dust To Accumulate In The Ventilation Area
  13. Not Keeping It Away From Sunlight In The Outdoor

Not Keeping It Dry

Keep the projector in a dry area. Keep it safe from humidity as well.

Spilling any kind of liquid will damage the internal circuitry of the projector. It will harm you too if you are in contact with the projector. It will shock you.

If the liquid is spilled on an area where there is no chance that it can reach the electric circuitry. Then there is no issue, just wipe the liquid with a dry cloth.

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Not Cleaning The Air Filter

The air filter is self-explanatory. It filters the air for better ventilation and cooling. But it catches dust particles from the air. These dust particles will clog it after it is used for a long time.

You have to clean this air filter periodically, month after month to make sure that your projector is breathing.

If this filter is clogged, then it will block the breathing process of the projector. That’s why you should keep it clean.

Where is this air filter located in the projector? In the user manual, its location will be mentioned.

Placing Heavy Objects On Projector

Don’t place heavy objects on the surface of the projector. The covering is delicate and can be damaged by heavy objects that can’t be handled by its build quality. That’s why I placed the projector alone.

Also, it will place a force on the cover and its internal circuitry. As a result, it will force the projector to work harder, and it will overheat quickly.

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Not Protecting It From A Power Surge

A power surge is real. It will be caused by lightning in the thunderstorm or any fault in the electric grid. 

As a result, the projector will be fed by sudden overpowered electricity. This will damage the circuits in the projector.

That’s why always use a power surge protector in your home theater. It will save expensive products from damage.

Not Handling It With Care

When unpacking it, installing it, or moving it from one place to another. Try hard to handle it with care.

If it falls on the ground, then its bulb can be damaged or all of its internal parts. That’s why handling it with care is a must.

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Not Installing It To The Ceiling By A Professional

The mounting hardware requires experience to be fit in. If it is installed by a newbie. They may miss a few instructions for installing. It will fall off the mounting hardware after a few days. That’s why it is advised to install it by a professional.

Placing It In Easy To Fall Places

Place it on an object that you are confident about. Don’t place it on a lightweight table that can be disturbed by any living thing bumping into it. They can be disturbed pretty quickly by pets or kids.

Also, don’t place the projector on the edge of a table or something else.

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Exposing It To Heat

Placing romantic night candles next to the projector. The heat from the candles will overheat the projector quickly, and it will damage it.

That’s why don’t place anything that is a source of open fire next to the projector

Overheating It Continuously

The projector needs to have a short break after a long session of usage. This break will be different for different models, that’s why I read the user manual.

But as a general rule. I will advise you to give a 20 minutes break to the projector after each 3 hours usage. This break will cool down the projector.

Using it continuously without cooling will damage the circuitry. 

Cleaning It With Flammable Liquid

Don’t clean it with a flammable liquid, such as alcohol. Use only dry cloth to clean the projector. But if there are hard-to-remove stains, then a moist cloth will do the work. Don’t use a wet cloth to remove stains.

Blocking The Ventilation Opening

Usually, this ventilation opening is the bottom area of the projector. Don’t place anything closer to it that will block the ventilation process of the projector.

Allowing The Dust To Accumulate In The Ventilation Area

Always keep the projector dust-free. The dust can block the ventilation opening of the projector. This will happen if the dust is not removed from the projector periodically for a very long time. That’s why you should clean it with a dry cloth after every 2 months.

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Not Keeping It Away From Sunlight In The Outdoor

The outdoor movie party is a good idea to enjoy the gathering. But place the projector in an area that can’t be hit directly by the sunlight. The sunlight heat and the internal heat of the projector will overheat it quickly.

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How do I know if my projector lamp is bad?

The colors on the screen will not be vibrant anymore, and the bulb will flicker a lot. Also, the contrast of the picture will be lost altogether.

Why is my projector overheating?

It might be due to these 3 reasons.

  • It is of cheaply built quality
  • its air filter is blocked
  • the ventilation system is blocked by something. 

How can I make my projector better quality?

Block the light from coming into the room completely. Buy a high-quality screen that can eliminate the 3D effects and keep the projector ventilated. Also, play HD content and calibrate the image according to your taste.

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