Do Laser Projectors Lose Brightness? (+ color fading & dimming )

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The laser projector is the latest technology in the projection game. Yes, it is expensive, but a lot of home theater owners are switching to it. People are recently switching to it. That’s why there are many questions to be answered about them. Like, Do laser projectors lose brightness?

At A Glance: The laser projector doesn’t lose brightness during image creation. Because hi-end laser projectors have a laser light for each color in the RGB, that’s why no brightness is lost due to the filtration of light to extract red, blue, and green from one white light source.

Keep reading because I am answering two more related questions to this topic. But first, let me explain this one in detail. Read the FAQs at the end of this article because a few of the concepts are explained there.

Why does the laser projector not lose brightness? (It’s engineering explained)

Before explaining the laser light projector composition, let’s first explain how lamp-based projectors work. In this way, you will understand the laser projector better.

In all the lamp-based projectors. There is only one lamp installed. This lamp throws a white light on the filtration. This filtration filters out the red, green, and blue light from the white light. These three colors are responsible for all the million colors that create one image.

The projector then uses these three colors to create an image. Due to this filtration, the projector lost 23% of the brightness upfront.

lamp projector brightness vs laser projector brightness comparison
This is just the depiction of the whole process and not an exact illustration of the process. Take it as a depiction. There are many LCD chips involved or micromirrors in the case of the DMD chip.

Let’s see how the same image processing thing works in the laser projector. In all high-end laser projectors, there is more than one laser. For each color in the RGB, there is one separate laser of that color. For example, for the red color, the laser will also be red color. This means you don’t need to filter out the red from the white. The red is present there already.

That’s why the brightness is not lost upfront and the overall image is brighter than the lamp-based projector.

That’s why, when you test a 5000-lumen laser projector with a 5000-lumen lamp-based projector. You get a brighter image. Because the lamp-based image is less than the 5000 lumens written on its box. 

When experienced consumers need 5000 lumens brightness, they buy 6000 lumens lamp-based projectors. So, they can have 5000 lumens or closer brightness images. 

But when the laser projector is 5000 lumen, the image will also be 5000 lumens.

But the lamp-based projector brightness dims over time. But is it the same case with the laser projector brightness?

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Do laser projectors fade in colors?

The laser projector will never fade in color if it has a DMD chip technology for image creation and not LCD chip technology. For the color fading, the LCD chips are responsible, not the laser of the projector.

The laser projector doesn’t fade in brightness because the laser doesn’t dim over time. We talked about that before. Now let me talk about the color fading here.

The image is produced by the built-in LCDs. Now the last quality check of the image is done by these LCDs. These LCDs are responsible for the color fade. Over time, these LCDs fade in colors and the same result reflects on the quality of the produced image. 

But if your laser projector has three separate lasers for each color of the RGB and has DMD chip technology for image creation, then your projector will not fade in color and brightness. 

I hope I have closed the topic better.

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Do laser projectors dim over time?

The laser projector doesn’t dim over time like the lamp-based projector because there is usually more than one laser in the projector, and they are far more powerful than a single lamp-based projector.

The laser is a newer technology, and it is more powerful than the lamp. The laser brightness when it is 500 lumen when it is first unboxed and labeled as such will have the same lumen at the end of its lifetime.

The brightness will never be dimmed on the laser projector over time. Because the laser is powerful, just think about it. Many lasers nowadays can cut through iron. I am not saying that the same lasers are installed in a projector, but I just said it to show how powerful a laser can be.

That’s why the laser projector never dims throughout its life whether it is 10000 hours or 20000 hours.

But what about the color fading, does it happen in the laser projectors too? Keep reading to know the answer to this question.

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How long do laser projectors last?

A typical laser projector has a lifespan of 20000 hours, but there are laser projectors that have 30000 to 50000 hours of life span.

Laser projectors have a far longer lifespan than lamp-based projectors because lasers are generally more powerful than lamp-based projectors. 

What happens to a laser projector after 20000 hours?

After the lifespan of the projector is completed it will lose its brightness by 28-45% but the brightness will be fine during its labeled lifespan like 20000 hours.

But lamp-based projectors lose brightness even before the labeled lifespan. This is the edge that the laser projector has over the lamp projector.

Do laser projectors need lamp replacement?

The laser projector doesn’t have a lamp and that’s why you can replace the lamp. The laser after it completes its lifespan can never be replaced.

The laser is not replaceable when it has finished doing its job. But in a lamp projector, you can replace the lamp without needing the help of an expert.

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