Homelytainment’s Editorial Policy

Every article is researched by the CEO Daniel or by the leading writer of this Blog, Ayyan. Daniel is well aware of the USA and global content laws and policies and provides the researched data accordingly to the writer.

The images are originally taken by Daniel or Ayyan, or stock images, or provided by brands to which we link.

All of the info-illustrations are designed by Daniel himself cause he loves to draw.

At last, the whole content when researched and written is pushed to the curator. Rizwan is the Content curator of this site. He curates the content and then publishes it on the blog.

You can talk to anyone on the team by email. Write your questions to us on Support(AT)homelytainment(DOT)com. Mention the name of the member to whom you want to talk.

Read our (About Us) page to know about the team in detail.

Homelytainment’s editorial policy is carried out carefully and continuously learning from Harvard’s Copyright and Fair Use & Online Content Regulation guides and rules.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Harvard by any means or employed by them.
We are just learning from their guides & research like millions more are doing.