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What Is Homelytainment?

Homelytainment is a helpful information-based blog but now it is a company.

A few more daughter companies are in the pipeline. They all are affiliated with the home theater niche. Stay insight for the awesomeness coming your way.

The Team Behind Homelytainment

Hey, you! Thanks for coming to my site. I am Daniel Sebastian. As you might already know my story, from my sidebar mini-bio.

That’s why I will skip that part. After I built a home theater during the lockdowns. I started this blog to help you guys remotely and opened a home theater equipment showroom in my town here in Gatlinburg, TN.

Now, I help my fellow Tennesseans to build their dream theater room in the comfort of their house.

I have had my hands on many high-end pieces of equipment and have studied the acoustic environment of many theater rooms.

Meet the Contributors to This Site

Daniel Sebastian – CEO and Content Researcher

Yeah, that’s me. I am the founder and CEO of the site Homelytainment. I look after every part of this site.

I deliver tips and helpful guides about home theater that are the outputs of my experience in this niche.

I started this site as a hobby but now I have embarrassed it as a full-time profession.

Soon you guys will see many changes and updates coming to this site.

If you have any suggestions or queries for me then you can directly reach us via my Contact Us page.

Daniel’s Awards and Recognition

  • Most helpful entrepreneur in the town. Award Given Virbally By Mayor & Friends.
  • Home theater enthusiast. Award Given By My WIfe. LOL! Still Waiting For A Physical Award To Hold It In My Hands.

Contact Me

Email Me Here = Support(AT)homelytainment(DOT)com

Drop Me, Hi! on Quora = Quora Profile

Ayaan Khan – Home Entertainment Enthusiast and Author

I am the VA of Daniel’s and an article writer for this site. I am from Pune, India.

I am a Computer Science degree holder from P.E.S. College. After my degree, I started an internship with my Dad in his home theater showroom.

After working for a month I realized that this is the best job in the world for me and it could be turned into a passion.

Fast forward to when my internship ended, I joined my father as a full-time home theater equipment tester.

I test new equipment and approve it before it can be installed in the customer’s house.

I love to test and sometimes love to install it in my customer’s theater room by myself.

But Daniel’s experience is too behind all of the words that slip out of my mouth. Sorry, my fingers as I use keyboards.

In my free time, I try to answer users’ questions on AVSForum here.

Ayaan’s Awards and Recognition

  • Student of the Year award – Award given by my university administration
  • Best freelancer of Batch 19 – The same force behind this

Rajendra Kumar – The Homelytainment Show Host

I am The Homelytainment Podcast Show host. I manage every aspect of the show. The content is sometimes researched by Daniel after that I add my insights and then present them to my listeners.

You can listen to the show episodes for FREE on the Spreaker app or here on the Spreaker website.

I also wanted to have a podcast show and I was so thrilled when Daniel considered me to host this show.

I am a home entertainment fanatic and that’s why I took up this opportunity right away.

We, the show team discuss the common problems of new home theater owners or persons who are on the fence and also we record on-demand episodes to tackle the problems of existing home theater owners.

You can demand new episodes too by just dropping us an email at Support(AT)homelytainmentDotCom.

Ayaan’s Awards and Recognition

  • Best Badminton Player – Award given by Chichester University Sports Club
  • Good sense of fashion – Just a compliment from my friends

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