Homelytainment’s Sponsorship Policy

For Readers

Daniel and Ayyan from the team are responsible for testing the products they recommend to you. They either buy or borrow the products from the brand and test it for several weeks.

When they are satisfied and truly believe in the products, then they recommend them.

Product Recommendation Priority Process

The top priority is given to those products which Daniel and Ayyan use in their daily life and believe in their quality.

The second priority is given to those products that brands reach out to our team for promotion. We take their products and test them for several weeks in our homes and then we consider their sponsorship based on the results.

If the result is good we recommend their product otherwise we decline their sponsorship request.

For Brands

To consider your product for promotion.

You should be a reputable company that has sold at least 100 products in your lifetime and has at least 30 positive 4-5 star reviews.

This is not a must but it will increase your chances of approval if you have good reviews on Trustpilot. If you don’t have a profile there, go and create one. We will give you one extra point for it.

Reach us out here (Support(AT)homelytainment(DOT)com) to discuss your needs and demands.