Benefits & Drawbacks Of Projectors For Home Theater (21 Points)

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I have created the most comprehensive guide for you to know the projector world better. I have written those points that I have experienced by myself with the projectors. 

All the pros and cons are tested by me. Don’t forget to read the Poll stats that I have conducted in a Facebook group. People like you have answered my question. So, they will hit you just right.

Pros/Benefits Of Home Theater Projector

It is not dependent on the audience’s number in the theater room

The projector is completely free of the audience’s number. Doesn’t matter if you have a large audience or small, the experience will be the same for each one in the theater room. 

This is the area where I can surely say that size doesn’t matter. For the other, size does matter; you should discuss it with your partner. I am an expert in the home theater only.

The screen is bigger, and its pixels are visible for each person in the home theater.

Know how to build a home theater seating platform for the audience. You will get my calculations and formulas for it.

Projectors are acoustics friendly

This one pro is not coming directly from the projector, but it is from its essential component. Well, that is an acoustically transparent projector screen.

You need to feel that the sound and dialogues are actually coming from the mouths of the characters on the screen and not from the speakers.

That’s why the best option will be to place the LCR speakers behind the screen. You can’t place LCR speakers behind every screen like in the TV case, it is a big NO-NO.

There are acoustically transparent screens available for projectors. When speakers are placed behind these screens, then they don’t filter the sound when going through it. It also doesn’t produce wrinkles in the picture due to its high volume.

This gives a nice experience that is not possible with using TVs in your theater room.

Know more from my this guide. How to acoustically treat your home theater for the best experience?

Projectors are cost-friendly in terms of screen size

You get a 120 inches image size on a budget. You can have a door to the universe in your home theater on a budget.

The same size image on TV, can’t break your bank, but it can shake it for sure.

You can get a bigger size image cheaper, but there is a catch to it. But we will discuss that catch in the drawbacks section. 

But there are cheaper projectors that are providing better picture quality without those catches. But to spot such a projector, you should know about the marketing language of the brands. I have talked about this language in the drawbacks section.

Know more from my this guide, how far to sit from a home theater screen? You will get hard values and methods to calculate them for your room.

It provides an immersive Experience for videos and games

The image size is bigger and life-like. With the size, you are also required to switch off the lights in the theater room. You are also required to block the light coming to the room.

Due to darkness and bigger image size. The audience feels like they are experiencing the world on the screen by themselves. 

When I play games on my projector, I feel like I am actually there in the game.

It provides fresh content from many streaming services

Many modern projectors are equipped with smart interfaces. These smart interfaces have all the streaming services apps pre-installed.

You get newly-released content at your fingertips from the streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and much more. Well, you have to pay their subscription fees to stream.

If it has no stream apps installed, then you can tuck in the streaming dongle to the projector. These streaming dongle sticks have all these features of streaming.

Read my guide about the best projectors under $500. You will know more about these features.

Provides Android apps and internet browsing on a bigger screen

Many projectors are having android TV pre-installed. Due to this interface, you can download any apps from the play store and view them on a bigger screen.

You can even download games and browsers. You will enjoy these games on a bigger screen and can also browse the internet with the help of your projector reporter.

It’s a completely different experience.

It provides a bigger Image size with friendly size customization

You get an image size that ranges from 100 to 300 inches. Yes, some projectors provide 300 inches image size.

But that is another debate that with the size the image quality will also decrease. But it is providing a bigger image size.

But high-quality and expensive projectors will give a sharp and best picture quality on a 150-inch image size as well.

Know about the ultra-short-throw projectors. That can throw 100 inches images from a few inches of a distance.

It provides 3D capabilities for movies and games

Many projectors are capable of providing 3D capabilities. This 3D experience of a bigger size in the comfort of home will amaze you. 

You will instantly turn into a mega projector fan.

Easy to carry from room to room

Well, I don’t recommend changing the place of the projector a lot, but it is easy to carry. You can move it from the indoor to outdoor and vice versa very easily. Carrying it is a single-person job.

The mobile screen can be mirrored to the projector

You can connect the mobile via Bluetooth with many modern projectors. After that, you can mirror your mobile screen straight to the projector screen.

Now, you can enjoy videos shot by mobile on a bigger screen. You will be provided with your photography skills once again.

No direct light from the display is hitting the eyes

The screen light of the projector screen is just a reflection. This is not a light that is directly produced by the screen. 

This light will treat your eyes better than a TV. The TV display light will directly hit your eyes and will strain your eyes.

While in the projector case, your eyes will not strain.

What Do You Love The Most About Projector? (FB Poll)

Poll OptionsPoll Stats
The bigger and more customizable screen69.05%
Its 3D capabilities11.9%
Its acoustically transparent screen4.76%
All of the above14.29%
There were 42 participants in this poll

I conducted this poll in a Facebook group

Watch this YouTube video as well

Cons/Drawbacks Of A Home Theater Projector

Fan noise from the projector leads to frustration in the audience

Many poorly built projectors have high fan noise, and this noise goes higher on bigger image sizes and high brightness.

This fan noise creates frustration. 

However many brands are working hard to overcome this issue. That’s why many brands reveal their projector’s fan noise value as well. They usually provide this value in dB. Read their fan noise level and choose the dB value that suits you better.

They have low-quality speakers built in

Almost all the projectors come with poor-quality projectors. Well, a few brands are working hard to install high-quality speakers in their projectors by collaborating with audio brands like Harman Kardon. But still, those speakers are not suitable for a good home theater experience.

That’s why it is required to buy speakers for the projector to get the most out of it.

Installation of a projector is a hustle

The projector needs some level of experts to install it. Most of the time you will be required to ceiling mount it. 

And doing so will lead you to deal with tools like screwdrivers. Also, you will need another person with you that will hold the projector while you are mounting it.

Picture adjustment is a hustle

After installing it, The next step will be to adjust its picture. After adjusting the picture correctly on the screen, the next step will be to calibrate it.

You will be required to calibrate its colors too.

Continuous and periodic maintenance 

In continuous maintenance, you will have to keep it protected from dust. In periodic maintenance, you will have to replace its bulb after a few years or a decade. The bulb replacement depends on its lamp life.

Misleading brands’ marketing language

Two points come in this category. That’s why I buy only reputable brands’ projectors.


Many cheap brands will mislead you with their projector’s lumens claims. They will claim their projector’s lumens to be 10000 but in reality, the projector will be 2000 or 3000 lumens.


The cheap brand will say their projector is 4K capable. But in reality, it will not be a native 4K, but it will pixel shift 1080p to 4K. But in some cases, it will shift to 2K but still, brands will claim it is 4K. It is a shame when I caught one very reputable brand doing it.

Prices shoot out of the roof with the increasing quality of a projector

The projector provides a bigger image, cheaper than a TV. But there is a catch.

A lot of times their image quality will lack in colors saturation, contrast ratio, or dipper blacks. This is the reality of the projectors. If you want to have the best quality in all these three features, then you will have to pay a very high price for it.

Provides terrible input latency for games

However, there are a few projectors that have very low input latency for games. But most of the projectors have a terrible input latency that hurts the overall gaming experience. 

That’s why always inquire about the input latency if you play games in your home theater. I will recommend going for less than 15 Seconds of input lag.

Rainbow effects in the picture of DLP projectors

There are three types of the projector lens. The LCD, Laser, and DLP.

The DLP-based projectors have rainbow effects in the picture. However, many brands are succeeding in eliminating rainbow effects from their DLP projectors. But if you are a newbie, then avoid DLP projectors altogether.

Projectors require you to block the light coming into the theater room

To have the best picture quality. You are required to maintain complete darkness in the theater room. Otherwise, the colors of the picture will be washed out. The contrast and dipper blacks will be easily affected by the ambient light.

I will recommend soundproofing the room this will also block the light. Read my soundproofing guide about it.

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Is a projector good for home theater?

It is best if you want a bigger screen and an immersive experience. If you want to be immersed in your favorite games and movies, then this is the best option for you.

Which type of projector is best for home theater?

Laser projectors are the best because they have long lamp life, deeper blacks, and vibrant colors with a good contrast ratio.

How do I choose a projector for my home?

Check its contrast ratio, black levels, lamp life, input and output options, and connectivity options. If those areas satisfy your needs, then it is the right one for you.

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