Setup A Karaoke System With Home Theater (5 Options)

how to setup a karaoke system with home theater

Many Karaoke machines do provide audio output but to take this experience to the next level you need to connect it to a more sophisticated sound system like a home theater system. In this sophisticated sound system, you are having complete control over the sound that enhances the overall experience.

1. Setup A Karaoke System With Theater? (With A Karaoke Machine)


  1. Hunt for the audio out jacks In the karaoke machine.
  2. Double-check that you have plugged the RCA cables into the output jacks of the karaoke machine.
  3. Plugin other ends of the RCA cables into the input of the receiver.
  4. Make sure the colors of the plugs match the colors of the jacks into which they are plugged.
  5. Now is the time to power on your home theater and your karaoke system. 
  6. If the connection is not working at this stage, plug out the RCA plugs and plug them again into the receiver one by one unless you start hearing the song.
  7. Now adjust The volume of the Music and mic according to your liking.

Upon the correct connection, the home theater speakers will be used for the audio and the audio can be amplified and mixed through a dedicated sound mixer. The karaoke machine will be used as a CD player.

Why did I mention a connection with a machine?  Well, you don’t have one option to connect the karaoke to the home theater. You can do it without a machine to connect it to a home theater (regular theater, Apple Tv Based, Smart TV Based, or Chromecast).  We will discuss each type of connection in the upcoming parts of this article. Stay glued for each connection’s guide.

After a complete connection is set up, the experience may not be that fascinating but don’t worry we have placed a checklist at the bottom of this article for you “8 tips to improve your karaoke experience”. Don’t forget to download that checklist.

What is needed for this setup?

how to setup a karaoke system with home theater

1# First, Karaoke Machine

There are a variety of sophisticated karaoke machines that are in the affordable price category.  Many come with pre-installed songs, which can be connected through the wire or via Bluetooth. Many karaoke machines come with cool display lights to add more fun to your party night. Many machines come with volume adjustment and songs can be fed through USB or mobile devices.

Some karaoke machines have their own screens others don’t. To see the lyrics you must connect it to the TV.

But for home theater, we will only discuss two types of karaoke machines first with a speaker and another without a speaker.

Without Speakers

These types of machines are made to be connected to an external sound system or home theater. Through USB and CDs, you can feed songs to this type of karaoke machine.

With speakers

These types of karaoke machines are a complete system on their own. But not all of these are designed to be connected to an external sound system like a home theater. 

We will need those karaoke machines which are RCA cables compatible because your setup demands that. Machines with jacks of red and white colors are RCA compatible.

But there are the latest products that are much better than Karaoke machines. Like

  1. Amazon Fire TV
  2. Apple TV
  3. Chromecast
  4. Smart Tv
  5. Any kind of player such as a DVD player

Every product setup is discussed in this article

2# Second, Home Theater

All home theaters consist of receivers. This is a very sophisticated machine that can handle input from a plethora of sound sources. Thoroughly check if the home theater receiver is having a separate place for your karaoke to be plugged in. It will be frustrating to unplug the Audio input of a movie from your home theater receiver in order to play Karaoke.

The receiver is the brain of the system. Know more about the best receiver under $500Opens in a new tab. or the best receiver under $300Opens in a new tab.

3# Third, RCA cables

These cables are used for audio input and output.  Sometimes they come for video input and output in yellow color.  Check if there is a set of RCA cables with your karaoke machine. If not then you can buy it online. Check these Amazon choice RCA cablesOpens in a new tab., if you don’t have them already.

Below Are the 4 connections of the Karaoke system with the home theater without Karaoke Machine

2. How To Set Up A Karaoke System With The Amazon Fire TV?

It can be done in 5 simple steps and yes without a karaoke machine.

  1. Get a nice mic system for yourself online and make yourself comfortable with it.
  2. Connect this mic system output with the input jack of the sound mixer. What is a sound mixer? We explained it in detail in the upcoming section.
  3. Connect this sound mixer output with the input of the home theater receiver. 
  4. Connect the output of the TV (not the Amazon Fire TV stick as that is not having this facility. Confusion cleared?)  To the input of the sound mixer. Here the output of the TV should go to the receiver too directly via a splitter. One will go to the sound mixer and another to the receiver.
  5. Connect the input of the sound mixer to the home theater receiver.

    Now everything should be working.

Know how to connect Fire Stick to home theater.Opens in a new tab. Connections tips for every major brand’s receiver are provided.

3. How To Set Up Karaoke System With A DVD Or Any Other Player?

karaoke system set up with DVD player home theater
  1. Connect a DVD player output with the input of the sound mixer
  2. Connect your mic output with the input of the sound mixer
  3. Connect the output of the sound mixer with the input of the home theater receiver.

4. How To Set Up A Karaoke System With An Apple TV?

  1. Connect the output of the mic system with the input of the sound mixer.
  2. Connect the output of the apple tv with the input of the sound mixer.
  3. Connect the output of the sound mixer with the input of the home theater receiver.
  4. Now connect your iPod or iPhone to the apple tv through airplay and  Bluetooth devices
  5. Now find a karaoke song for yourself on youtube by searching karaoke+your favorite song. This method will show you only karaoke songs.

5. How To Setup Karaoke With Your Smart TV?

You need two headphones for RCA converter cables and also a mic system.

  1. Plug the two RCA into the output of the smart TV and insert the headphone lead part of the same cable into the input jack of the mic system
  2. Insert another cable headphone lead to the output of the mic system and insert the same cable in another RCA to the input of the speaker or soundbar.
  3. Now search for karaoke songs on youtube and start the show.


Are home theater systems good for karaoke?

Yes, they are good. Receivers have preamps and amplifiers. Every mic signals need a preamp so that the signals can be adjusted for line-in. The amplifier can further amplify these signals and push refined signals to the speakers.

This will keep the whole system healthy and you will get a fuller, more natural, and deeper sound without distortion.

Is karaoke bad for home theater speakers?

No, as long as there is a preamp in the chain. You don’t need a separate preamp for this task. The receiver’s built-in preamp will carry out this task easily. A lot of receivers have preamps and amplifiers.

This preamp takes low-level signals from the mic and converts them to line level that goes through an amplifier. In this way, your speakers stay healthy.

When you remove the preamp from the chain then yes karaoke will be bad for the speakers. Because the speakers will not get the signals in the form that they need.

This was my opinion, read more here from this discussion on AVS FrorumOpens in a new tab.

Can I use home theater speakers for karaoke?

Yes, you can use your home theater speakers for your karaoke.
Just connect your karaoke machine and surround sound speakers to the AV receiver.

Now, start your karaoke party and you will use home theater speakers for the karaoke.

This was my opinion, read more about it on QuoraOpens in a new tab.

How do I connect a karaoke microphone to my home theater?

  1. Get a nice quality mic
  2. Connect the mic to the speakers
  3. Now, connect the mic to the mic inputs of the AV receiver
  4. Many receivers don’t offer a sound equalization facility that’s why you will need an external mixer device for it
  5. Now, the setup is done. You can enjoy the party.
  6. You can follow this video for the mixer setup.

Tips For The Best Karaoke Machine Experience At Home Checklist

Home karaoke party tips
Download this checklist in high quality printable PDF from Google Drive

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