Calculate Viewing Distance For Home Theater Screen (Calculator)

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Screen Size Viewing Distance Calculator

This calculator will help you get the best viewing distance for your home theater screen within 2 seconds by adding the values and clicking on the calculate button.

How Does This Calculator Work?

  1. You need to enter the screen size of your home theater screen in a diagonal to this tool. Don’t worry every size of TV is identified in diagonal. If it is written 75 inches on a screen, it means that the diagonal size of the screen is 75 inches.
  2. Now, click on the resolution of your screen. The resolution of the screen directly affects the viewing distance of it.
  3. After that, you have to click on the calculate button and you will get a value in feet.
  4. This value is the best viewing distance for your home theater screen.

What About the viewing angle described by SMPTE?

Don’t worry this calculator completely satisfies the viewing angle of 30 degrees described by the SMPTE because this calculator is based on the Sony Asia recommended values.
I have personally tested it and it works the best. Also, Sony is one of the pioneers in the digital world. They research every single piece of their claims and work before they make it public.

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