Projector Screen/TV Wall Mount Height Calculator

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Calculate Optimal Screen Mounting Height

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How Does This Calculator Work?

If the user has bought a new projector screen or TV and wants to know the best mounting height for it.

That user just needs to enter their screen diagonal size like 65 inches, the resolution of that display for example 4K, then enter the tilt angle if they would like to tilt the mounted TV for any reason. After, they have to measure the height of their eyes from the floor when they are seated.

At last when they enter these values and click on the calculate. This calculator will spit out three values.

The bright blue will be the optimal height for the screen but it is a distance from the floor to the center of the screen.

The other value will be the height of the screen’s bottom edge to the floor. This value is more accurate for those who are obsessed with perfection.

The last value will be the optimal viewing distance for you to sit to watch the newly mounted screen.

How is this calculator different than other TV mount height calculators?

First, it is engineered by experts and calibrators in the home theater field and second, it cares about the resolution of your display too. All other calculators don’t provide you with this facility to select your preferred display resolutions.

Along with that it completely satisfies the Sony instructions for optimal viewing distance and also it works both for the TV screen and projector screen.

Along with Sony what other institution does this calculator satisfy? This calculator is crafted in a way that satisfies the SMPTE angle too. That’s why you don’t need to worry about the authenticity of this calculator.

You can now confidently start working on the values that you will get from this calculator.

I hope you will come back to my blog and leave your feedback in the comment section.

How high should 55, 75, and 65-inch TV be mounted?

You don’t need to calculate values for each size on your own anymore. You just have to enter the values into the above calculator and it will sort out everything for you.

The calculator works for any size of TV or projector screen. Whether it is 65 inches or 150 inches projector screen.

Will This Calculator Work For TV Stand Height?

This calculator for sure can work to find the best TV stand height value for the optimal viewing experience.

The height both for mounting and stand is the same just the mechanism of mounting changes for each.

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