7 Best Wall Mount Speakers For Home Theater (Reviewed)

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Mountable speakers are one of the most convenient and quality parts of home theatre audio.

Why did I say these are convenient and quality parts?

Because you can easily mount it anywhere in the home theatre and then you can tweak its angles easily and conveniently. These tweaks can bring fascinating changes to the theater experience.

Like anyone can get Dolby Atmos from these mountable speakers. Yes, you read it right by tweaking the angles and positions you can turn these speakers into Atmos speakers. No one needs those expensive speakers for Dolby Atmos if they learn how to properly install mountable speakers.

Our Top Tested & Reviewed Products At A Glance


Amplifier Power Required (RMS)

Best For Which Channel Position?

Editor's Ratings

Price Range

Today’s Best Deals

Klipsch R-41M


(50 Watts)

Front, Surround sides, and Rear


Under $200

Klipsch RP-402S


(75 Watts)

Surround and Rear


Under $500

Polk Audio T15


(20 Watts)

Surround and Rear


Under $200

These wall-mount speakers can be used in the front, in the surround, and in the rear left and right, and even as height speakers for Dolby Atmos effects.

I run a home theatre business. That’s why I have installed many wall-mount speakers for my clients,  tested them out in my friends’ houses,  and bought many for my business. That’s why I have a good experience with it.

Without taking so much time let’s discuss each one.

SpeakerAmplifier Power Required (RMS)Best For Which Channel Position?Frequency ResponseEditor’s RatingsPrice Range
Klipsch R-41M50 WattsFront, Surround sides, and Rear68Hz to 21Khz4.9Under $200
Klipsch RP-402S75 WattsSurround and Rear62Hz to 25Khz4.8Under $500
Polk Audio T1520 WattsSurround and Rear60Hz to 24Khz4.7Under $200
Polk Audio OWM320 WattsRear80Hz to 25Khz4.5Under $500
Pyle PDWR51BTWT20 WattsRear80Hz to 20Khz4.2Under $200
Yamaha NS-AW150W35 WattsRear55Hz to 40Khz4Under $200
Edifier P175-20 WattsRear55Hz to 20Khz3.5Under $200

1. Klipsch R-41M – Best For All Positions


Speakers Power: 200 Watts | Finishes: Black  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Frequency Response: 68Hz to 21Khz

Today’s Best Deals

4.9Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Clean and natural mids
  • Crisp, detailed, and accurate Highs
  • Music and movies both felt realistic
  • Dolby Atmos sound showering from above was on point
  • The port is backfiring. That’s why it needs mounting hardware that holds them a little away from the wall.
  • The bass is just fine but for the great, you will need a separate subwoofer

Is It For You?

For those who want clean, natural, and detailed-sounding speakers for their theater system on a budget.

Build Quality

The overall finish is scratch-resistant and with black wood grain texture touch. The speakers look fabulous without grills.

Sound Quality

The sound was immersive and quickly brought me into the actions of the movies.

Unique Features

Clean, natural, detailed, and accurate sound.

Detail Review Of Klipsch R-41M

These are two-way speakers and come in a pair. Their build quality looks fantastic with that wood grain texture and scratch-resistant finish. 

 It has a 1-inch tweeter and a 4-inch woofer at the front.  And at the back, there is a mounting hole with a port and 5-way binding posts.

The grill is detachable and magnetic but they look fabulous without it.  The Cooper woofer can give a professional look to any home theatre.

My client wanted the best 7.2.4 surround sound setup for his theatre room on a budget.  That’s why I picked 10 speakers of this model R-41M with Klipsch R-52C center channel and 2 subs of model Klipsch R-12SW. Let’s skip the receiver and display part as we are discussing speakers.

I use Vogel’s mounting hardware for them. These are back-firing port speakers that’s why they need special mounting hardware to hold them a little away from the wall.

I installed Klipsch R-41M In the front,  surround, and rear left and right and 4 on the height for Dolby Atmos.

Since each speaker is from Klipsch that’s integration was Swift and very well synced. 

I watched a Pearl Harbour movie and flying planes seem like flying in the theatre room. When they attacked Pearl Harbour the scene was more terrifying and blood-freezing because of these speakers.

I played music and there was a remarkable bass in these speakers.  My ears were able to separate the tones of each instrument in the music. The bass was good but for floor shaking and Windows rattling only an additional sub can help.

I love these speakers in all positions because their mids are clean and natural with crisp and accurate highs and some incredible low frequencies. 

The lowest frequency by the manufacturer is stated as 68Hz but I believe they can go lower than that.

You must pair these speakers with the best receiver to have the audio you need. Read my best receivers review here. Some receivers have many modern features.

2. Klipsch RP-402S – Best For Surround And Rear Positions


Speakers Power: 300 Watts | Finishes: Ebony & Walnut  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Connectivity: Wired | Frequency Response: 62Hz to 25Khz

Today’s Best Deals

4.8Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Detailed and clean sound
  • Dual tweeters and dual woofers
  • The wide dispersion of sound
  • Don’t require intensive angle tweaks after installation
  • Fabulous look
  • Scratch less design
  • Very difficult to use banana plugs with it

Is It For You?

For those who want the best-detailed sound for their rears and surroundings and are willing to pay a little extra for this quality.

Build Quality

The design looks fabulous and gives a professional touch to the theater room. The finish is scratch-resistant which is very nice to long last the fabulous design of it. Wood and plastic are used in them.

Sound Quality

Heard many new voices and sounds in the same movies that I never heard before.

Unique Features

The dual tweeter and dual woofer with that detailed sound quality.

Detail Review Of Klipsch RP-402S

These wide dispersion speakers consist of a dual 1-inch Tweeter and dual 4-inch woofer.

They are the best for surround and rear because of their detailed sound and wide dispersion sound firing quality.

Now I don’t need intensive angle tweaking when I install the speakers.  Because they are widespread sound speakers that require minimal angle tweaking or not at all in many cases.

At the front, they have the signature copper woofer with copper rings around it for design and the tweeter with copper rings around. This copperish touch looks fabulous and I always prefer to keep them grilled-free.

The back has a keyhole for the mounting and binding posts followed by an inserted thread hole.

My client wanted the best speakers for his surround and rear left and right placements.

I mounted these speakers with the help of the keyhole and also attached them with double-face adhesive tape to the wall. I use adhesive tape because I don’t want to scratch the beautiful wall of my client’s theatre room.

It didn’t require any angle tweaking and that’s why it took at least two minutes of installation.

I watched a movie and there were many more new voices and sounds in the movie that I have never heard before. The sound was detailed and very clean.

I played music and the music with the complete 7.2 system felt amazing with the combination of these speakers.

My client and I were very pleased by the detailed sound and fascinating build quality.

You should also have detail and deep bass too for the immersive sound. Read my best subwoofer review here. Some subs really brought a realistic touch to the movies.

3. Polk Audio T15 – Best For Its Simple Design


Speakers Power: 100 Watts | Finishes: Black  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Frequency Response: 60Hz To 24Khz

Today’s Best Deals

4.7Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Crips and accurate sound
  • It can be used in multiple positions of the surround sound system
  • The finish and overall build quality are top-notch
  • They can be mounted close to the wall because the port is front-firing
  • Need a pro-level of angle tweaking

Is It For You?

For those who want the 2nd best speakers for their surround and rear left and right and want to enjoy both the movies and music.

Build Quality

The build quality feels premium with that black ash vinyl finish and with the curved grills and these T15 look great without the grill too.

Sound Quality

The sound was crisp and accurate at the surround and rear positions. It gave me the vibes of a live concert and also brought me into the actions of movies.

Read my how-to soundproof theater room guide to have the best flawless sound.

Unique Features

The premium build quality at this price range.

Detail Review Of Polk Audio T15

These are 2-way speakers each speaker has 0.75 inches Twitter and a 5.25-inch woofer.

They are well-built and the Vinyl finish feels premium. The grill is Detachable and when it is attached it looks awesome with that curved design and the space between the grill and the speakers.

At the back, there is a mounting hole with the binding posts Beneath it. The binding posts are 5-ways that can work with the banana post and simple wires. 

They can run smoothly with any AV receiver that can provide 50 to 100 watts of power. 

My client wanted the best  7.1 surround sound for his new house. He wanted to use it for music and movies. I mistakenly believed in all the positive things that Polk said about these T15 speakers. 

I used R15 for the front, surround, and rear left and right with one Central channel and the subwoofer. But this time I was wrong about choosing them for all positions.

When I successfully set up the whole system. Each speaker took a break-in time and hours of professional angle tweaking along with testings.

I tested it out with music and movies. With music, the front left and right speakers were performing just good and with the movies, they were better. The dialogues were clear and crisp and the notes in the music were right.

However, I like their performance and will rate them as the 2nd best in the surround and at the rear.

At the front, they were not the best because they can’t go very low in frequencies. 

Then I chose Polk audio T50 speakers for the front left and right and they integrated well with the whole Surround System and the issue was resolved.

That’s why I don’t believe in everything that Polk is saying about these T15 speakers. They are saying that T15s are the best for all positions and also fire incredible bass. 

But I didn’t like them in the front but I definitely loved them in the surround and at the rear and also for the bass I will go with a separate subwoofer.

But if you are not an audiophile and don’t want to listen to music on your surround sound and just want to have a good theatre experience on a budget. Then I will say that you can enjoy these speakers in every position.

4. Polk Audio OWM3 – Best Wall Mount Rear Speaker


Speakers Power: 100 Watts | Finishes: Black and white  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Connectivity: Wired | Frequency Response: 80Hz to 25Khz

Today’s Best Deals

4.5Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Clean and crisp sound
  • It can be used for Dolby Atmos sound effects
  • 7 mounting options
  • Build quality is solid
  • Best for rear positions
  • No bass at all
  • The white finish color is not fully white

Is It For You?

For those who want the best speakers for rears and better for Dolby Atmos sound effects.

Build Quality

The whole body is made up of hard plastic and it feels solid. At the back, there are mounting options with binding posts and followed by the stand area. 

The front grille is paintable but it is of no use because the grill and speakers should have the same color as the wall. There is no need to just change the color of the grill and the color of the speaker remains the same. 

It is only helpful if you want to paint it in American colors on the 4th of July. Lol!

Sound Quality

The highs are clean and the mids are good but there is no bass. The speakers are rated as 80Hz to 25 kHz and in the 80Hz it is impossible to get bass. However, I recommend them for the rear and Dolby Atmos, and for that, they don’t need bass, the subwoofer can do that.

They were good for movies to give a realistic touch to it. For music, they were good with the help of Sub. You can read my sub under $500 review if you need an affordable option.

Unique Features

The multiple mounting options

Detail Review Of Polk Audio OWM3

This is a 2-way speaker with one 4.5-inch woofer and one 1-inch Twitter. 

It has 7 options for different mounting placements. No one can run out of placement ideas for these speakers.  

The stand is provided in the box that can be used for a few placement positions.  With these stands on it is very difficult to plug in the banana plugs properly. That’s why everyone should get creative here and should plug them in differently. 

The binding posts are 5-way, when the stand was on I tried to tuck in the banana plugs like normal wires and then tighten the posts. It worked.

My friend installed these in the surround and rear left and right and also on the ceiling for Dolby Atmos.

I wanted to try them out with movies and music.

I love their performance in the rear and the ceiling for Dolby Atmos. I don’t like them at all in the surrounding left And right.

At the rear, they were giving me the actual Vibes of Battlefield and in the ceiling, they were able to create the Dolby Atmos virtual sound bubble around me. 

Feels like it is raining over me,  the helicopter flying over me, and the bullets and fighter jets are flying over my head.

There was no bass in the speaker. That’s why I don’t like them for music but with a subwoofer the music was enjoyable.

5. Pyle PDWR51BTWT – Best For Bluetooth Connectivity


Speakers Power: 240 Watts | Finishes: Black and white  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Connectivity: Wired/Wireless

Today’s Best Deals

4.2Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • All levels of the audio are balanced
  • Crisp and clean sound
  • Bluetooth connectivity for music on mobile or tablet
  • Water and bad weather-resistant
  • Solid build quality
  • The bass is not impressive. 
  • It connects automatically to a paired device in a range without the consent of the users
  • It heats up quickly

Is It For You?

For those who want crisp and clear sound speakers with all levels balanced for their rear-positioned speakers and outdoor fun. 

Build Quality

The build quality is solid with hard plastic and a metallic grill. 

They are bad weather and water-resistant products.

Sound Quality

The sound quality is fantastic and they gave me vibes of a real battlefield and good music notes descriptions.

All levels were balanced but no bass in them.

But if you need detailed dialogues then you must choose the best center speaker. Click on the bluish words to read my review about them.

Unique Features

Water and bad weather resistance with Bluetooth connectivity.

Detail Review Of Pyle PDWR51BTWT

These are 2-way speakers with waterproof and bad weather-resistant properties.

Each speaker has a 1-inch tweeter and a 5.25-inch woofer. Each speaker is 12-inch in height and 9-inch in width.

The build quality is solid with a metallic grill and hard plastic cover. At the back, it has binding posts and a mounting setup.

It can be connected to an AV receiver or amp through a wire and can also be connected via Bluetooth to mobile and tablet.

My friend has this in his theatre room for surround and rear left and right.  He also installed these outdoors for barbecuing and partying.

I went there to test their capabilities. I watched the Braveheart movie and I really felt like I was on the battlefield.

I listened to the music on these speakers. The overall sound quality was balanced, crisp, and clear but the bass was lacking significantly.  It was pleasing to the ears and the bass was not capable of shaking anything on the wall or annoying the neighbors.

Obviously, a separate subwoofer is required for that thumping bass.

I will say that I like their performance more at the rear and outdoors than at the surrounding left and right.

I connected my mobile and the Bluetooth connectivity was seamless and Swift.  I was able to listen to the music on my mobile on speakers that are 240 watts of power.

6. Yamaha NS-AW150W – Best For Its Build Quality


Speakers Power: 120 Watts | Finishes: white  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Connectivity: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Crips, clean, and punchy sound
  • Solid build quality
  • Great sound for the rear
  • Magnetically shielded product
  • Very limited angles tweaking options
  • Worst customer support

Is It For You?

For those who want great sound for their rear and outdoor options too.

Build Quality

The build quality is solid with the bad weather and water-resistant. It is magnetically shielded which is a good convenience to have.

But the mounting hardware needs improvement. We need mountings to be versatile in their angles.

Sound Quality

The sound is clear and punchy but has no bass. I liked their sound for the rear position.

You can have the best affordable subwoofer for under $300 to accompany it with these speakers. Click on the bluish words to know more.

Unique Features

The build quality with the magnetic shielded hardware and bad weather/water-resistant qualities.

Detail Review Of Yamaha NS-AW150W

Each speaker of this pair consists of a 5-inch woofer and one 0.5-inch tweeter.

Its build quality is one of the best ones. The housing is made up of hard plastic and a metal grill.  Along with the home theatre purpose the speakers can be used outdoors.  That’s why they are bad weather and water-resistant.

These speakers can be installed near any electronic device or electricity wires without any worry because they are magnetically shielded.

At the back, they have binding Posts with mounting hardware options. The mounting of these speakers is not good because it provides just two placement options, vertically and horizontally with no angle adjustments.

My client wanted nice budget-friendly speakers for his theatre room and the outdoor activities.

I came up with these speakers.  He was so happy to know that the same speakers can be used for both.

It took me 10 minutes to install them in the rear position and 30 minutes to install four of these speakers on the patio.

They were great at the rear position and for the outdoors, their music sounded crisp. The highs were clean and the Mids were punchy.

At the rear, they were able to bring me into the movie’s action, but I was very limited with angle tweaking.

No bass was there that’s why a subwoofer is required for optimal music experience.

I installed them for my client in 2010 and they are still going strong.

Yamaha NS-AW150W Spakers test

7. Edifier P17 – Best For Rear At Small Cinema Room


Speakers Power: 20 Watts | Finishes: Red with wood texture and black grill  | Drivers Type: 2 Ways | Connectivity: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon

3.5Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Mids are crisp and highs are clear
  • Nice design and build quality
  • It can fill small theater rooms
  • It has a wall scratch protection pad
  • Upper mids are not impressive
  • It can sound distorted on very high volume
  • It can’t handle more than 40 watts

Is It For You?

For those who want a pair of cheap speakers for the rear positions of their small theater room.

Build Quality

The build quality is solid and heavy. Good material is used.

The design feels premium and can make any theater room more beautiful.

Sound Quality

I will recommend them for only small theater room rear positions because their sound doesn’t feel good from a little far away.

You must install acoustic panels to feel clean and natural sound. Click on the bluish words to read my guide about it.

Unique Features

The walls scratch the protection pad.

Detail Review Of Edifier P17

It has a 3/4 inch Tweeter and one 4 inch woofer. The port is front-firing and it is located below the woofer. They are very heavy and solid.

The design looks classy with a Shiny finish and black grill. At the back, there is a keyhole for mounting followed by the binding posts.  Below the binding posts, there is a protection pad. This pad is very useful to prevent the speakers from scratching the wall after the mounting.

My friend has this in the rear and surrounds the position of his theatre room. His theatre room is small and that’s why I like this speaker in the rear.  At the surrounding position, they were not up to my expectations.

At the rear, they were able to give that realistic touch to movie fights, Battles, and car racing scenes.

For the music they were good but not the best.

I suggested that he replace these speakers with more robust speakers in the surrounding left and right.

Edifier P17 speaker test


How can I hang speakers on the wall without drilling holes?

You can use double-face adhesive tape for small to medium size speakers. For large-size speakers, you can use picture hooks.

Where should wall-mounted speakers be placed?

Select speakers for your theater layout positions. Then install the best rear speakers at the rear, the surround left and right in their respective places, and so on.

Should I wall-mount my subwoofer?

If your subwoofer is not made for wall mounting then don’t do it. Because subwoofers are so powerful and can create vibrations and that will contribute to many other issues.

That’s why it is recommended to buy a wall-mountable sub if your goal is to wall-mount it.

What is the best height for wall-mounted speakers?

Each speaker should be at your ear level. Seat on the sofa, measure the distance from the ground to your ear and install the speakers according to those measurements.

Is it good to wall-mount speakers?

If you want to save space on the ground or want to give pro-level design to your theater room then yes wall mount speakers are good.

It is also good if you want to install Dolby Atmos speakers at a height. 

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