What Is A Good Speaker Size? (Woofer Vs Room Size)

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Choosing the best speakers for home theater should be the priority to focus on. Because home theater is 85% audio and 15% visual for me. For visuals, you just have to buy a TV or projector but for audio, you will choose speakers for each position in the surround sound and that will need many things to be taken care of. Like this question. What is a good speaker size?

At A Glance: The front LCR speakers’ woofers should be 4 inches if the room is small. For a medium room, their woofers should be 5.25 inches, and for a large room, you should have tower speakers that have multiple woofers of 6.5 inches each. Just match other speakers’ woofers in surround sound.

Keep reading to know the reason behind it and also to know the exact dimensions of the room too. You will also know how to match other speakers in the surround sound to LCR (front left, center, and right) speakers. I will also answer some of the most important related questions to this topic. Stay tuned! You will learn many new things today.

Speaker Woofer Size Vs Room Size. How to fill the room with sound?

Room SizeRequired Speaker’s Woofer Size
Small (216X144)4 inches woofer bookshelf speakers (LCR speakers)
Medium (240X156)5.25 inches woofer large bookshelf speakers (LCR speakers)
Large (240X180)6.5 inches woofers Tower speakers (LCR speakers)

First, I will explain the philosophy behind the woofer sizes matching the room sizes. You will also know the woofer sizes for all other speakers in the surround sound for each room size.

After that, you will get the answer to the questions. Why am I talking about woofer size and not about speakers’ box size, and why am I just giving you woofer sizes for LCR speakers?

Good Speaker Size For Your Room

Why 4 inches woofer size bookshelf speakers for a small room? (Explaining both LCR and surround speakers)

The 4 inches woofer has the power to push that much air and produce such sound frequencies that can travel around small rooms efficiently.

But I will recommend medium size bookshelf speakers for the front left and right speaker channels. You can use a typical center speaker that has 4 inches size woofers.

After that, you can go with 2-3 inches woofer size speakers for the surround sides and rear speaker channels. You can choose 2 inches speakers for all positions or 3 for all. But a budget-friendly combination will be to choose 3 inches woofer speakers for the surround sides and 2 inches woofer speakers for the rear positions.

The other speakers should be bookshelf speakers too. This combination of 4 and 2-3 inches woofer speakers will better fill up the room.

Confused about choosing which size of the subwoofer with it, or whether to use one or dual subs? Read my guide. Does a subwoofer size matter?

Why 5.25 inches woofer size large bookshelf speakers for a medium room?

Here along with the woofer sizes, the power of the speaker should also be increased. You can read more about that here in my guide. What is a good wattage for home theater?

Ok, here 5.25 woofer size for the LCR speakers. But what for all other speakers in this surround sound?

Here you should choose speakers for surround sides with a woofer size of anywhere around 3-4. For the rear position speaker, the woofer should be 3 inches.

This combination is the best for the medium room.

Why 6.5 inches woofer size tower speakers for a large room?

For a large room, you will need tower speakers. The tower speaker doesn’t have one woofer. They usually have 3-4 woofers. These types of speakers are good for a large room. You will use two of these speakers for the front left and right positions.

Add a center speaker with a woofer size of 6.5 inches that will accompany them. You will have to use 5 inches woofer size speakers in the surround sound. But for rear positions, you can use speakers with woofer sizes of anywhere from 3-4 inches.

The reason 3 inches woofer size for the rear speaker is okay is that the rear speakers do have not that much work to do.

That’s why you can manage to go with a 3-inch woofer speaker. But if you want the best sound and don’t care about the budget much, then you can also install 4 or 5 inches woofer speakers there.

Know, how to optimize home theater audio. I talked about the 9 steps to perfection.

Here are those questions answered that will help you better understand this guide if there is still any confusion left.

Why am I talking about woofer size rather than speaker size?

We have nothing to do with the size of the speaker box. The box size is of no use to our application. There are brandless speakers that have bigger boxes but small woofers. That’s why if I tell you about their boxes, then it will be misleading.

Why am I giving you measures for just LCR speakers?

The LCRs are Left, center, and left front speakers. They are going to be used the most for home theater. They have to do most of the heavy lifting.

That’s why you have to power up their muscles. After that, just match the other speakers with it. I talked about the rear speakers and surround side speakers earlier in this guide.

The LCR speakers will work a lot to fill the room with sound, that’s why their woofers should be matched with the room size.

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Does speaker size affect the sound?

Although the speaker box size helps the speaker breathes better it does not affect the sound but the size of its woofer affects the sound. The woofer pushes the air and produces sound frequencies.

It is a misconception that the size of the speaker affects the sound. You need to judge the size of its woofer.

What size speaker is good for bass?

The woofer’s size equal and greater than 8 inches are good for bass. The bigger the woofer the deeper the bass will be.

That’s why the subwoofer’s woofer should be bigger than 8 inches. But if your home theater is in a small room then a 6 inches subwoofer is the best because there 8 inches and above that will sound boomy.

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