7 Best Subwoofers Under $1000 For Home Theater (Reviewed)

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Audio with those thumping notes is very important for a home theatre to give a realistic touch to the visuals. For These thumping notes, a subwoofer is responsible.

It is human psychology that their brain can be treated well with perfectly matching audio and video.

A psychological study by PT (R1)  Reveals that the same scene of a movie can be transitioned from thriller to comic and from comic to Intense or any other by just changing the audio of that scene.

This is why it is very important to have the perfect sound system in the theatre room and any sound system is incomplete without a subwoofer.

Our Top Tested & Reviewed Products At A Glance



Lowest Frequency



Today’s Best Deals

SVS SB-3000


800 Watts

18 Hz



Klipsch SPL-150SW


400 Watts

18 Hz



Klipsch SPL-120


600 Watts

24 Hz



The subwoofer price may fluctuate due to recent inflation but don’t worry it won’t be so high.

I still remember when I installed a subwoofer for one of my clients. He told me that I was not there in the scene but my legs were shaking.

Subwoofer with that thumping sound makes suspenseful scenes nail-biting, horror scenes scarier, and delivers a patriotic scene with excitement.

I have installed many subwoofers for my clients, tested them out in my friends’ houses, and bought many for my business. And this review is the final result of my whole experience.

Without taking much time let’s start discussing each review.

SubwooferPowerLowest FrequencyConnectivityEditor’s Ratings
SVS SB-3000800 Watts18HzWired/Wireless4.9
Klipsch SPL-150SW400 Watts18HzWired/Wireless4.8
Klipsch SPL-120600 Watts24HzWired/Wirelss4.7
Sonos Sub Gen 3245 Watts25HzWireless4.4
Bose Bass Module 700180 Watts26HzWireless4.3
Rel Acoustics HT/1003300 Watts24HzWired4.1
BIC Acoustech PL-300350 Watts21HzWired3.9

1. SVS SB-3000 – Best Sealed Subwoofer


Power: 800 Watt | Drivers: 13-inch | Finishes: Black Ash | Connectivity: Wired/Wireless

Today’s Best Deals

4.9Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Tight, deep, and detailed bass
  • It can go to 18 Hz of low-frequency
  • No port noise
  • The built-in powerful amp can give 800 Watt RMS power and 2500 Watts peak power
  • Almost every feature can be controlled by its app
  • Better for music and best for movies.

Is It For You?

For those who want a powerful sub to fill their medium to large size room with a mobile app controlling convenience.

Build Quality

The build quality is what makes it the best. The voice coil magnetic field is stronger than the previous models and that’s why it is throwing tight and deep bass.

There is no port noise in the sub because it is a well-built sealed subwoofer.

Sound Quality

The bass is tight, deep, and detailed. It is better for music and the best for movies. I loved the realistic touch it gives to the movies.

You can read this article to learn more about Sealed Vs. port Subwoofer. You Will learn which is better.

Unique Features

  1. Mobile app
  2. Port less build
  3. Innovative control panel at the back

Detail Review Of SVS SB-3000

This is the best sub for home theatre with a sealed design. It does not have a port and due to its portless design don’t worry about port noise ever again.

The finish is black ash and it has a steel grill. So the protection for the 13-inch drive is the one to be confident about.

The magnetic field around the voice coil is made stronger by the SVS to make the bass tighter and deeper.

The SVS wireless adapter can be plugged into the back of it to make its connectivity completely wireless with the receiver.

At the back, it has input options and a control panel. But I never needed to go from my sofa to the sub to change its volume or crossover frequency. 

The Android app that is also available on IOS is very convenient to control every functionality.

I like this black ash finish more than that piano black finish. Because the piano black is a fingerprint and hair magnet.

My client wanted the best subwoofer for his theatre room. I installed this subwoofer in his large theatre room and he was very pleased with the overall performance of it. 

This sub was capable of filling the whole room with the bass. My client is not an audiophile, that’s why he loved one single Sub in his large room, but if you are more than that, you will need to have two of these in a large room.

Otherwise, I like the performance of a single sub of this model.

I played music and the music felt great. The thumping of all the musical instruments was tight and Deep.

I watched the (12 Strong) movie and the fires of the guns and the blast of the bombs were feeling right in my chest. Every explosion felt real.

I like the music but I will say that this is better for music and best for movies.

You must accompany this sub with top-notch speakers. Read my this review about them.

2. Klipsch SPL-150SW – Best Ported Subwoofer


Power: 400 Watt | Drivers: 15-inch | Finishes: Black | Connectivity: Wired/Wireless

Today’s Best Deals

4.8Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • 15-inch driver
  • Klipsch wireless kit compatible
  • Realistic touch to the music and movies
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Slide proof legs
  • Large and very heavy
  • The wireless kit should be bought separately

Is It For You?

For those who want to fill their medium room with the bass by just one subwoofer. It is good for a large room but still, I will recommend two subs in a large theater room.

Build Quality

The build is fantastic. The grill posts are made of steel. The finish is scratch-resistant and the legs are slide-proof. But the overall sub is very huge and requires two persons to carry it.

Sound Quality

The music felt like a real concert and the bus in the speed movie felt like it was smashing into my theater room walls.

Unique Features

  1. The 15-inch driver
  2. Scratch-resistant finish
  3. Slide proof legs

Detail Review Of Klipsch SPL-150SW

This is a very large subwoofer that has a 15-inch driver. It is completely compatible with the Klipsch wireless kit.  Just connect this Bluetooth Transmitter to the receiver & sub and with a very little adjustment, the connection with the subwoofer will be wireless.

The port is Innovative instead of a round hole it is a rectangular flare. This port is very helpful in eliminating distortion from the bass.

The whole finish of this sub is scratch-resistant but you should be careful of the pets. Pets can scratch the grill because the grill is made up of soft cloth. 

Feet are made up of rubber and when this subwoofer is placed it is very hard to move it because these feet do not slide.  

That’s why I recommend unboxing it in the place where you will install it. Because this sub is large and very heavy, that’s why it will not require position adjustments when unboxed in the right place.

My client wanted a powerful sub for his medium theatre room. The room was acoustically treated and soundproofed already. Click on the bluish word to read my guides about acoustically treating and soundproofing your theater room.

I installed this sub in his room. I played music and this sub was able to go very low in frequencies giving me live concert Vibes.

I watched the speed movie and the bus in the movie feels like it is moving in real life in front of me.

I have not experienced any issues with the auto-on feature of this sub.  But if you experience any issue with the auto-on feature in any subwoofer. Then kindly follow my trick. 

Just turn up the volume in the subwoofer to 50% and the subwoofer level on the receiver is higher than that or let the auto-calibration mic set that level. After that, it will resolve this issue.

3. Klipsch SPL-120 – Best For Uniquely Engineered Cone


Power: 600 Watt | Drivers: 12-inch | Finishes: Black | Connectivity: Wired/Wireless

Today’s Best Deals

4.7Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Bass is deep and accurate
  • It can shake the room
  • It can fill medium-sized rooms
  • Uniquely designed woofer
  • The wireless kit is not included
  • It will need more power to fill the same room due to its smaller woofer than the 15-inches subwoofer above in the 2nd position

Is It For You?

For those who want to pay less for the SPL series by Klipsch, there is a better sub in this list by Klipsch that has a 15-inch driver.

Build Quality

The build quality is fantastic, especially that uniquely designed woofer that consumes less power and erases distortion from the bass.

Sound Quality

The bass is deep and tight. I felt no distortion in it on a very high volume.

Unique Features

Uniquely designed woofer.

Detail Review Of Klipsch SPL-120

This is another subwoofer from the SPL series that made it to this list.  This one has a 12-inch driver. 

The woofer in it is uniquely designed. It is thin and light which helps it to move easily.  Due to this feature, it takes on the frequencies quite well and consumes less power from the amplifier.

The woofer is a long throw and the amplifier is class D.

It can be turned into a wireless sub by the Klipsch wireless kit.  It also has wired connectivity options. The input options can be found at the back of it along with the control panel. 

The finish looks classy with a mixture of black and grey. This feels unique to me.

My friend has this in his theatre room and I wanted to test it out.

I played the music and the bass was deep and accurate. The music experience was fantastic.

It was shaking the room and rattling the windows. I felt no distortion on a very high volume.

I watched Star Wars and the spaceship’s engine noise and landings felt real.

4. Sonos Sub Gen 3 – Best For Sonos Ecosystem


Power: 245 Watts | Connectivity: Wireless | Finishes: White | Compatibility: Sonos S2 Compatible devices

Today’s Best Deals

4.4Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • The clean rattle-free, buzz-free, and distortion-free bass
  • Wi-Fi connectivity with speakers in the room or from multiple rooms
  • It can hit up to 25 Hz of frequencies.
  • Innovative design
  • It can be placed anywhere
  • It can be placed flat on the floor
  • Hair, carpet pieces, fingerprints, and many more such materials can easily stick to it
  • It connects only to Sonos S2 compatible devices

Is It For You?

For those who want a distortion-free bass and a sub that can be placed anywhere in the room. If you are having the Sonos ecosystem already in your theater room then this one is the best for you.

Build Quality

The build quality is unique and Sonos has a patent for it. But the outer layer is a magnet to carpet pieces, hair, and many more such materials.

The force-canceling drivers are capable of throwing bass without buzzing or rattling. No vibrations were reaching the glass of water that I placed on top of it during the testing.

Sound Quality

The bass is clean and I jumped on my sofa when I heard the explosion on the screen for the first time. 

It was not vibrating the floor but the bass was hitting my chest.

But to make sure that the bass hits you right, you must calibrate it with an SPL meter. I have reviewed the best ones.

Unique Features

The rattle-free, distortion-free, and buzz-free bass.

Detail Review Of Sonos Sub Gen 3

This subwoofer comes with a unique design and clean rattle-free bass.

There is a cut out in the middle of it and in the left and right of that cut out two bass drivers are used. These drivers are force canceling enabled. We will come to this part later. 

At the bottom and top of that cut-out, two ports are present. These ports are connected to the drivers for breathing. The drivers are at the sides and the ports are on the top and bottom of it but still, they are connected. Nice design! Right?

The two force-canceling drivers are capable of killing unnecessary vibrations and rattles in the sub and they are 100% successful in doing so.  Because of this quality, the bass is clean and without any distortion or buzz sound.

The corners are round and the whole glossy finish looks fantastic. But the finish has one negative characteristic.  Fingerprints, hairs, and many more materials like this can stick quickly to it. So cleaning is the job to get ready for.

My client wanted to have a home theatre room with minimal wires in it. I installed this subwoofer with Sonos speakers and an amp.

He was happy with the setup and then I wanted to test it out with the music and movies.

I put a glass of water on top of it and played it on loud music. There was no vibration in the water, this much clean is the bass.

It was not vibrating the floor but still, I was feeling the bass in my chest. 

I jumped on my sofa because of the explosions on the screen.

My other client wanted an upgrade from his wired theater system. I installed a complete Sonos ecosystem with speakers and this sub in his medium theater room. He told me that he is missing an old sound system bass. I installed two of these subs in his theater room and the issue was resolved.

A lot of positive things are about this sub but the one major downside because of which it is in 3rd position is that it can only connect to those devices which are SONOS S2 compatible.

Other brands’ speakers can be connected to it but will require a Sonos amp.

Sono speakers can be connected to it from multiple rooms of the house via Wi-Fi. 

What is New in Gen 3 That Gen 2 Don’t Have?

There is more processor power and more memory in Gen 3. An enhanced processor and memory are installed to get it ready for future updates.

There is a slightly better bass in the gen 3 but it is not significant.

Should I upgrade to Gen 3 now that I have a Gen 2?

If you are a fan of good sound then don’t upgrade to the Gen 3 because there is no significant improvement in the sound quality from the Gen 2. 

But if you want a better processor and memory then yes you can upgrade to Gen 3.

5. Bose Bass Module 700 – Best For Bose Ecosystem


Power: 180 Watts | Connectivity: Wireless | Finishes: Black | Compatibility: With a handful of Bose devices

Today’s Best Deals

4.3Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Bass is distortion-free
  • Connectivity is wireless
  • Design is classy
  • It can be controlled by a mobile app
  • It is heavy
  • It can only work with the Bose ecosystem

Is It For You?

For those who have Bose speakers or a soundbar. This is much needed so the system can direct bass to the sub and in this way, the speakers or the soundbar will have more power to focus on the mids and highs better.

Build Quality

The build quality looks classy, and the zig-zag pipe for the port can kill the bass’s distortion. 

Sound Quality

The bass is clean and distortion-free. The car engine noise felt like they were in the theater room. The realistic touch of the movies was produced very well by this sub.

Unique Features

The clean bass and elegant classy design.

Detail Review Of Bose Bass Module 700

It is a wireless sub by Bose and it can fire bass without distortion.

Its design is unique and looks classy. The top of it is made up of glass and the finish is black.

Below this glass is the main driver followed by a zig-zag pipe for the port. This zigzag is the new technology implemented by Bose which can eliminate the distortion in the bass.

One of my clients wanted to have a Bose sound system in his theatre room. He lives in a two-bedroom apartment. That’s why I brought Bose speakers with a soundbar 700 and this sub. 

I installed this setup in his bedroom to turn it into a theatre room.

I played music and on a very high volume there was no distortion in the bass.

Sounds of car engines and car racing felt like it was happening in the theatre room. The bass was of OMG level.

The setup was very easy and I enjoy the mobile app of this sub.

This subwoofer deserves a better position on this list but it works only with Bose speakers and Bose soundbar 700. That’s why it is in 5th position on the list.

6. REL Acoustics HT/1003 – Best For Its Small Size


Power: 300 Watt | Drivers: 10-inch | Finishes: Black | Connectivity: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon


  1. The bass is clean and deep
  2. It can fill small rooms easily
  3. The size is small and looks cute
  4. It can hit 24 Hz of frequencies


  1. It can’t fill medium rooms. You will need two for that
  2. The user manual is online and not provided in the box

Is It For You?

For those who want a good and affordable sub for their small theater rooms.

Build Quality

The build quality looks amazing with glass on the top and a fiberglass woofer. This sub looks fantastic without the grill.

Sound Quality

The bass is clean and clear. It seems like it’s coming from the speakers.

Unique Features

  • The fiberglass woofer.
  • The seamless integration with the speakers

Detail Review Of REL Acoustics HT/1003

This is a 10-inch driver subwoofer but the overall size of it is small and looks cute.

The black finish is looking good and the fiberglass woofer looks amazing. The top of it is made up of glass with the REL logo. The top of it looks premium.

Like Klipsch subs, this too looks amazing without the front grill.

At the back, there is the control panel with the RCA inputs and LFE input.

My friend has this in his theatre room. I fell in love with its cute shape when I stepped into the theatre room. 

I played music and the bass felt like it was coming from the speakers and not from the sub. The integration was seamless with the speakers.

I watched a movie and the gun firing, car racing, and punches felt real and were deep.

This sub comes with a power cord and four legs in the box. The user manual is online and is not included in the box.

It is the best for a small room where it can easily fill the entire room with its bass. But for a medium room, you will need two of them.

Well, it is a good practice to use two subs in a room. Read all of my 13 tips to improve your home theater experience.

7. BIC Acoustech PL-300 – Best For Its Pro Looking Design


Power: 350 Watt | Drivers: 12-inch | Finishes: Black | Connectivity: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

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  1. Deep bass during the movies
  2. Three ports with the copperish woofer look fantastic
  3. It can hit 20 Hz of frequency
  4. The design looks amazing


  1. So much port noise during the music
  2. It can’t fill medium size rooms with one sub of its model

Is It For You?

For those who want a more affordable sub otherwise, there is no other reason to choose this sub.

Build Quality

The build quality looks amazing with the three ports and copperish color woofer.

Sound Quality

The bass was deep during the movies and there was noticeable port noise during the music.

Unique Features

The three-port design

Detail Review Of BIC Acoustech PL-300

This subwoofer has a professional design that stands out without the grill. 

The woofer is 12 inches and has a copperish color. Beneath the woofer, there are three ports.

The woofer with the three ports looks like a robot from a science fiction movie.

The finish is created by Vinyl and piano black glossy touch is given to the top of it.

At the back, there is the control panel with the input option.

I wanted to test this out in my friend’s theatre room.

I listen to music but I heard so much port noise out of this sub.  The port noise was more noticeable when I was near.

I watched a movie and the port noise was fairly negligible. The bass was right throughout the movie.

The glass shattering and the collapsing of buildings on the ground felt real.

The sub was capable of hitting 20 Hz frequency when all the ports were not plugged in, but when I plugged one of the ports, the lowest frequency was 24 hours. 

I enjoyed the movies on it but there was frustration during the music.


What's better 2 10-inch subs or 1 12-inch sub?

If you are a fan of deep bass then I will suggest going for the 12-inch sub because their driver has more surface area and space to go back and forth to create a deeper bass. As for the 2, 10-inch subs. The two 10-inch driver surface areas will have more overall pressure than the 12 that’s why you will get clean bass but not deeper than the single 12-inch sub.

Are 2 subs louder than 1?

Yes, they are louder but we should not focus on loudness here. The Thing for which I recommend 2 subs is because 2 subs can fill the room with the bass more accurately. One sub can’t fill the room well. 

Yes, 2 subs are always louder and better than a single one.

What hits harder 2-ohms or 4-ohm Sub?

Ohm stands for when there is an opposite force to the electric current that slows down the electricity flow. 

That’s why a 2-ohm sub will be louder because it gets more electricity flow to push the driver to the highest levels.

That’s why you can’t get a hard and deep bass from 2 ohms. In 2 ohms there will be more distortion and will be good in the highs rather than in the lows for which a sub is created.

It will also put the amp under strain because of sucking more power from it.

On the other hand, 4 ohm gets low electricity and can be good in the lows, will be distortion-free, and the amp will be cooler compared to the 2-ohm sub.

How do you tell if a subwoofer is 2 ohms or 4 ohms?

There are three ways. 

  1. First, talk to the manufacturers by email or phone and ask them what ohm is the sub.
  2. Second, there might be written on the sub or the box of it that what ohm is this sub.
  3. Third, It can be found DIY by an ohmmeter. Just attach the negative and positive test leads of the ohmmeter to the positive and negative terminals of the sub. Now read the screen of the ohmmeter, if there is 4 ohm then the sub is 4 ohm, and vice versa.

Helpful Resources For The FAQs To Read More

  1. This was my opinion, read more here on AVsforum. (Resource for the first answer)
  2. This was my opinion, read here more on Oznium. (Resource for the third answer)
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