7 Best Home Theater Speakers Under $500 (Reviewed)

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Whether you are a hardcore gamer, a movie buff, a guitarist, or a music freak you need a good set of speakers to give you good taste in the comfort of your home. But finding the best home theatre speakers under $500 is a Hustle.

Combining quality and affordability into one set is very difficult for many brands. But like you, I love the quality on a budget. That’s why don’t worry.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you already know that I have a group of friends who are enthusiastic about home theatres. In fact, they were the ones that introduced me to the home theatre.

Our Top Tested & Reviewed Products At A Glance


Supported Channels


Connectivity Of Speakers With Receiver


Today's Best Deals

( Best One)

Logitech Z906



500 Watts



(✨ 2nd Best)

Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 Pack



150 Watts



Goldwood HD728



700 Watts



But after this lockdown, I too got enthusiastic about entertainment in the comfort of my home.

Because of my friends, I am fortunate to test a lot of products and write helpful reviews for you guys.

The following reviews are based on my experience of testing speakers at my friends’ houses and buying speakers for myself.

All Products At A Glance – Review Of Each Product Is Below This Table

SpeakerSupported ChannelsPowerConnectivity With ReceiverConnectivity Among SpeakersEditor’s Ratings
Logitech Z9065.1500 WattsWiredWired4.9
Klipsch Black Reference 5.1 Pack5.1150 WattsWirelessWired4.8
Goldwood HD7287.2700 WattsWiredWired4.6
Acoustic Audio AA54005.1300 WattsWirelessWired4.6
Polk Audio TL16005.1100 WatssWiredWired4.5
Acoustic Audio AA51725.1700 WattsWirelessWired4.3
Monoprice 5.1 Channel5.1125 WattsWiredWired4

1. Logitech Z906 – Best Home Theater In A Box Under $500


Channels: 5.1 Whole System Power: 500 Watts | Connectivity with the audio source: Optical | Connectivity Among The Speakers: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.9Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • The Sound is clear and rich
  • Dialogues from the center channel are clear
  • The subwoofer bass is great
  • Optical and coaxial connectivity
  • The remote is minimalist and does not with a lot of confusing buttons
  • This is THX-certified
  • Very affordable
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The controller and remote feel cheap

Is It For You?

Those who want a good sound system on a budget. If You Are A Newbie And Want To Have Better Sound On A Budget Than A Soundbar or TV Speakers. Then Go For This One. It Is Super Convenient and newbie friendly.

Build Quality

The build quality of the subwoofer and satellite speakers is good but the controller and the remote feel cheap.

Sound Quality

The sound is rich, clear, and can go loud. At above 80% it can even vibrate my photo frames on the wall. The bass is great and the dialogues from the center channel are good.

Unique Features

The affordability. The rich, clear sound and bass are at a very affordable price.

Detail Review Of Logitech Z906

This is the best speaker system by Logitech. It is THX certified,(Quick Link To The Certification Detail) so the best sound is guaranteed but we will come to the sound later.

This is the 5.1 surround system with one subwoofer and 5 speakers. The amplifier is included in the subwoofer and you also get a separate controller for the whole system and a remote.

In the box, you get a user manual, cables, and batteries for the remote. The satellite speakers have holes at the back to mount them to the walls and also have rubber pads at the bottom to be placed on any surface without scratching the speakers.

At the back of the subwoofer, you get 6 channels of input, optical input, Coaxial input, RCA Input, and one port for the controller to connect it. No HDMI  port is included. But many smart TVs support optical connection and you can also use HDMI to the optical converter if your TV is not having optical connection capabilities.

You can keep the controller at the top of the subwoofer for better speaker management.

The controller is small and easy to carry. It is simple and to the point but feels like it is made up of cheaper material than the whole system.

On the controller, you can change the layout of the speakers and control the volume.

The remote is minimalistic and easy to use but again it also feels cheap.

The sound is rich and clear And the sound cannot get distorted on the highs and lows. The bass is rich and really good in this price range. At full volume, I was feeling the vibration in my room.

The dialogues from the center channel were clear and gave me a premium feel. 

I enjoyed movies, sports, music, TV shows, and games a lot on this system.

But one thing disappointed me. On the box, it is clearly written that this is a 1000-watt speaker system but in reality, it is only a 500 Watt speaker system.

Logitech has advertised that it is 1000 watts in specific situations. I emailed them to confirm what those specific situations are but I never got any reply from them at the time of writing this review.

So the final verdict is that it is a 500 Watt speaker system but the sound is good.  It is not as good as the HiFi speaker system that costs more than $1500 but you can’t find better than this system under $500.

 Logitech customer support is not good for this product.

With the best affordable speakers, you can choose the best receiver under $500 to go with your speakers. I have picked for review those receivers which have modern features.

2. Klipsch Reference – Best Home Theater In A Box Under $300


Channels: 5.1 | Whole System Power: 150 Watts | Amp: Yes in the Subwoofer | Connectivity with the audio source: Through a transmitter with the receiver | Connectivity Among The Speakers: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.8Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Powerful subwoofer
  • The sound is clear that I have clearly noticed the mid, lows, and highs of the sound
  • On 50 volume it literally shakes my theater walls
  • The subwoofer is wireless and can be kept in many areas
  • Audiophile guys might not like the bass very much
  • Audiophile guys might notice drawbacks at mid and high levels of the music.

Is It For You?

For those who own small to medium size theater rooms. Normal people will love this system but audiophile people may find drawbacks in the bass qualities and also in the mid and highs of the sound. But still, they will say it is good, not bad.

Build Quality

The build quality is good and the whole system looks premium. The subwoofer can integrate into the transmitter seamlessly.

Sound Quality

The sound and bass are very good. Above 50, it was able to shake photo frames on the wall and rattle walls, and even at this stage it was not annoying to my ears but I quickly ran to the subwoofer to down the volume below 50. Because my neighbor would be uncomfortable with that vibration and high volume.

The overall song quality was good. I was able to notice the low, mid, and high levels of the sound.

The Sound was so clear that I was able to hear the dialogue of the actor clearly and the sound of fast-moving objects behind the actor.

Unique Features

For the wireless subwoofer and the overall sound quality.

Detail Review Of Klipsch Reference

This is the 5.1 surround sound speaker system by Klipsch.

It has an amplifier in the subwoofer and the subwoofer is wireless. Only the subwoofer is wireless and all other speakers will have to be connected through a wire with the subwoofer.

The subwoofer comes with the transmitter. The transmitter has to be plugged into the LFE out of the receiver. The transmitter is pre-paired with the subwoofer. You will have to turn on the subwoofer and the transmitter will start the audio sync from the receiver with the subwoofer. 

If the sync is not successful or there is some issue in the audio then you have a button on the transmitter and one button on the subwoofer for syncing.

The connection is pretty easy. But the installation of Satellite Speakers will take time depending on the size of your theatre room.

All speakers have holes at the back for mounting. With these holes, the mounting process is easy and convenient. 

But the holes that are created for the speaker’s wires at the back of the speaker are very tiny.  Even with the 16 gauge wire, you will have a lot of struggle fitting in the wires.

The grill of each satellite speaker is removable.  it is attached to the speaker through the magnet.  That’s why to keep this in mind,  While picking up the speakers, don’t try to pick the speakers by holding them on their grill. The speaker will fall from your hands.

Try to hold the left and right sides of the speakers while picking them up.

3. Goldwood HD728 – No.3 For Pro & Intermediate Home Cinema Owner, & 6th For A Newbie


Channels: 7.2 | Whole System Power: 700 Watts | Amp: Not included in the subwoofer. You need an amp for each subwoofer | Connectivity Among The Speakers and with The AVR: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.6Expert Score

Sound Quality
Build Quality
  • The system is capable of 7.2 Channels surround sound
  • The sound is blanched and of great quality
  • It can give real Dolby Atmos sound in the comfort of your home
  • Looks beautiful and stunning in the home theater room
  • Two in-ceiling speakers included
  • Two subwoofers for stunning bass
  • Requires two amps separately for each subwoofer
  • Requires an AVR that is capable of preamp outs for passive subwoofers
  • Requires advance support for installation, like wire management and drilling of drywall

Is It For You?

For those who love Dolby Atmos surround sound and can be comfortable with all the advanced options that I described in the reasons to avoid section.

Build Quality

The build is amazing and the color of the system gives a nice touch to my friend’s theater room.

Sound Quality

After installing it in my friend’s house and started playing music on it. I was feeling like I was on a big stage. The Dolby Atmos sound is truly there with the 7.2 surround sound layout.

Unique Features

The ability to provide real Dolby Atmos with 7.2 channels of surround sound.

Detail Review Of Goldwood HD728

This is the best 7.2 channel home theatre speaker set if you are a pro or an intermediate home theatre owner. If you fall in these two categories then I will recommend you to go for this speaker set.

But if you are a newbie and want to build your home theatre on your own without any help from professionals then it would be better for you to choose any other speakers from this list.

This speaker set has 6 Satellite Speakers and one center speaker with a pair of subwoofers.

These numbers of speakers are the best fit for the real Dolby Atmos sound experience.

The central speakers go in front with the front left and right and the two rear speakers will go behind the sitting area.

The other two will be installed in the ceiling and that will enhance the sound experience and will give you a real true Dolby Atmos audio quality.

Why did I say true Dolby Atmos? because you get two speakers physically in the ceiling for the Dolby Atmos rather than just relying on the Dolby Atmos height virtualization feature of some AV receivers.

When I set up this system in my friend’s house and played music on it. I felt like I was standing on some sort of a huge stage. The sound was fantastic and balanced across all the levels of the sound.

Why am I saying that it is the 2nd best for Pro, Intermediate, and 6th for newbies?

  1. Because this system doesn’t come with amplifiers for its subwoofers. Each subwoofer requires an Amplifier separately. The amplifier is needed to power the subwoofer. But there is another difficulty as well. The subwoofers are passive and require an amplifier that’s why you need that type of AV receiver that will provide Preamp outs for passive subwoofers but a lot of AV receivers provide for active subwoofers. This thing has to be put in mind while purchasing this speaker set.
  2. Another thing that is required for the speaker installation is the speakers are in-ceiling and others with the mount/in-wall option. that’s why you will have to drill enough spaces in the drywall to fit it in. 
  3. The third point is that you will have to take care of the wire management because you will have to run wires from one end of the room to another and also from the bottom to the ceiling. You can read my speaker wires management guide. I have talked about 15 ways to hide them for a cleaner and pro-looking theater room.

4. Acoustic Audio AA5400 – Best For A Small Theater Room


Channels: 5.1 | Whole System Power: 300 Watts | Amp: Yes in the Subwoofer | Connectivity with the audio source: Bluetooth | Connectivity Among The Speakers: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.6Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Rich sound and great bass
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Good Bluetooth range
  • Beautiful LED light display subwoofer
  • The sound of each speaker and subwoofer can be managed separately
  • Fit only for small room
  • Not good for rock or metal music

Is It For You?

For those who want a decent surround sound for a small room on a budget.

Build Quality

The build quality is good and each satellite speaker is having screw holes at the back for wall mounting. The screw holes add up to convenience for the users

Sound Quality

The sound and bass are greater than the Acoustic Audio AA5172. It is the best fit for small home theater rooms.

Unique Features

The LED lights and the SD card and USB reader options.

Detail Review Of Acoustic Audio AA5400

This is another affordable unit by Acoustic Audio and it is really amazing.

You can connect it to your Smart TV and Fire TV stick through Bluetooth and you can instantly start enjoying the 5.1 surround sound. if your smart TV has Bluetooth connectivity then it is the most convenient option for you to have.

Also having 6 channels RCA inputs allows you to enjoy the full surround sound but nowadays it is an outdated connectivity option.

It also has SD card reading capabilities and USB device reading capabilities. You can plug them both directly into the Provided amp within the subwoofer. 

It has cool LED lights with many colors and color-changing patterns.

The best thing that I liked about this system is that you can control each component volume individually in the unit. You can change the front, left, or any other speaker’s volume along with the subwoofer level separately.

The sound is clear and the bass is great. The Bluetooth connectivity range is pretty good. The built-in FM radio is good and functions fine.

The Sound is good but not great. Because for a great sound, speakers come at a great price.

 It is the best sound only under this $200 price range.

In the box, you get wires for the speakers, the remote, batteries for the remote, and of course the whole system.

With these speakers, you can choose the best affordable receivers under $300. Few receivers in my reviews will shock you. Few brands have included very cool features in it.

What is different in the AA5400 than the Acoustic Audio AA5172?

  1. Greater range for Bluetooth.
  2. Greater bass and more rich sound
  3. SD card and USB device readers

5. Polk Audio TL1600 – Best Mid Range 5.1 Surround Sound


Channels: 5.1 | Whole System Power: 100 Watts | Amp: Yes in the Subwoofer | Connectivity with the audio source: Through a wire with the receiver | Connectivity Among The Speakers: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.5Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Natural sound
  • Speakers are very convenient for mounting
  • Each speaker has a tweeter built-in
  • Nice design
  • Not for audiophiles and music freaks
  • No wireless connectivity

Is It For You?

For those who want to enjoy, TV shows, movies, and gaming with natural sound and good mid-range bass that truly aids up to the whole sound.

You can avoid this if you are a music freak and audiophile who needs a speaker system that can bring in Highs, mids, and lows of the music flawlessly along with all levels of the bass.

Build Quality

The build quality is good and can truly enhance the beauty of any home theater and the speakers can integrate seamlessly with each other and with the subwoofer.

Sound Quality

The sound and bass are the best fit for the mids and lows of the sound. Movies and TV shows feel natural with this system.

Unique Features

The ability to streamline movies and TV shows in their natural sound.

Detail Review Of Polk Audio TL1600

This is the best mid-range sound and 5.1 surround speaker system. The bass is not for audiophile people but it is the best fit for a normal theatre owner.

The bass is not fit to experience high-end music quality but it is the best to enhance the experience of movie watching, TV shows, and playing video games. At this stage, it can really add up to the whole system’s sound.

The system is capable of delivering mid and high levels of music very well. The sound feels natural and realistic and the bass is Cherry on the top.

The sound is the best at mid-range and does not produce harsh dribbles like high-end speakers that feel harsh to the ears.

The subwoofer is to be connected to the receiver through a wire and the satellite and Centre channel speaker connectivity with the subwoofer is wired. The subwoofer has an amplifier built-in.

The subwoofer is down-facing and the bass is good for enhancing the home theatre experience.

The speakers come with removable grills that can be detached from them easily. 

The back of each speaker has holes to mount with the wall and also it has positive and negative terminals for the wired connectivity with the subwoofer.  Each speaker has a tweeter with it and this is good to enhance the sound quality.

At the back of the subwoofer, you get a control panel and speaker connectivity options.

You have to connect the speakers at the back of the subwoofer. You can also control the bass and volume from there.

6. Acoustic Audio AA5172 – Best For Professional Cinema Hall-Like Audio In Very Small Room


Channels: 5.1 | Whole System Power: 700 Watts | Amp: Yes in the Subwoofer | Connectivity with the audio source: Bluetooth | Connectivity Among The Speakers: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

4.3Expert Score

Build Quality
Sound Quality
  • Available in three colors
  • The sound is clear and good without static and unwanted noise
  • The magnetic shield is truly erasing the interference from the sound
  • Affordable price
  • Few connectivity options are outdated. Needs a converter or transmitter in many cases
  • The included wires or not of good quality

Is It For You?

Those who want good sound at an affordable price for their small living room or small apartment. Not the best fit for medium or large living rooms.

Build Quality

Build quality is good and this speaker system comes in three options, Gold, Grey, and Silver. The remote is of good quality too.

Sound Quality

The sound is good and I never felt any unwanted and static noises during the test Also the magnetic shield is protecting it from interference quite well.

Unique Features

The magnetic shielding from interference and affordable price for transforming small living rooms into the cinema hall.

Detail Review Of Acoustic Audio AA5172

This is another best surround sound speaker systems that is available at an affordable price.

It has some outdated and updated connectivity options available for you. In the updated category it provides Bluetooth connectivity and all other connectivity options are outdated but don’t worry we can use a converter for that.

You can instantly connect your mobile phone with the Bluetooth of this speaker and with its enhanced technology it can convert the stereo music of your phone into a full surround sound system. It is very needed to feel the music of your phone at full 5.1 surround sound. It can convert other media sources stereo too.

My friend was able to connect these speakers with his TV through a Bluetooth audio transmitter.  He plugged in the jack of this transmitter to the headphone jack of the TV and the speakers paired themselves with the Bluetooth audio transmitter and he was good to go and enjoy the audio.

If there is no Bluetooth connectivity option with your TV then you can also connect it through RCA cables but many new smart TVs don’t have this RCA connectivity for that you can use RCA to optical converter. With the help of this converter, you can connect it to a modern TV via wire.

But if your TV supports Bluetooth connectivity then you can connect it directly to the TV without any need for a converter or transmitter.

In the box, you get a user manual, cables for the connectivity, an antenna for the FM tuner, and the speakers and subwoofer.

It comes in three colors grey, gold, and silver. I love the grey one because it looks simple and also costs less than the other two.

The sound was good. My friend and I never felt any unwanted noise, static noise, or interference with other electronic devices.

My experience with this device was good but it would be best if they had included updated connectivity options like optical and HDMI but we were good with the Bluetooth audio transmitter.  It cost a little more bucks but it was convenient.

7. Monoprice 5.1 Channel – Best Cheap 5.1 Surround System With Powerful Subwoofer


Channels: 5.1 | Whole System Power: 125 Watts | Amp: included in the subwoofer | Connectivity Among The Speakers & With The AVR: Wired

Today’s Best Deals

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon


  1. Good quality bass
  2. Clear sound
  3. Good mid and high-range music levels
  4. The C brackets are good for wall mounting


  1. No speaker wires in the box
  2. Outdated connectivity options

Is It For You?

Those who want good quality sound at an affordable price can go with the outdated connectivity options.


The build quality is good and with a beautiful finish. The speakers can integrate with each other correctly.


The sound is clear and the bass is powerful.

Unique Features

The sound quality can match mid-range speaker systems.

Detail Review Of Monoprice 5.1 Channel

This is a very affordable 5.1 surround sound by Monoprice. The subwoofer has a built-in amplifier and it is a downward-firing subwoofer

The overall sound of this system is crystal clear and the bass is very powerful. The speakers of this system are capable of catching on to the mid and high levels of music and the subwoofer is capable of catching on in the low.

The sound is good and can even rattle windows when the volume is at its highest.

They come with no speaker wires in the box. Each speaker has holes for mounting it to the wall. 

At the back, you also get a negative and positive terminal for the wire connection.

 The subwoofer has to be connected through a wire to the AV receiver and is not wireless.

You get the control panel and speaker wires connectivity options at the back of the subwoofer.

The movie experience was very good on this along with gaming. The dialogues were clear and the fast-moving objects sound in the background of the characters were clear and the fight scenes were enhanced by the booming bass provided by the subwoofer.

The Sound is good but cannot match the high-end speaker systems. Of course, it cost less too.


Where to put speakers in the home theater?

Let’s tell you about the 7.1 channels speakers First

In the 7.1 layouts. You will have to place the center channel speaker in the front center area. Place the front left and right speakers at the front.  Accommodate the center channel speaker in the middle of these front left and right speakers. The two rear will go at the back of your seating areas. They too have to be installed in the left and right manner.

To get Dolby Atmos, you will have to install the two other speakers in the ceiling. Otherwise, you can place it on the left and right sides of your seating area if you don’t want DTS or Dolby Atmos.

The subwoofer has to be placed between the front left and right speakers and a little away from the wall and should be facing you.

How to set home theater speakers 5.1 in the room?

When you remove the two in-ceiling/or the left and right side speakers of your seating areas, the whole layout will become a 5.1 surround sound system. The subwoofer, rear, center, and front left and right will stay in the same place.

Where to connect home theater speakers?

If the amplifier is in the subwoofer as in most of the speaker systems in this list then you will have to connect each speaker to the subwoofer. You will get connectivity options for your speakers at the back of the subwoofer. After that, you will have to connect the subwoofer to the AV receiver and the connection is complete.

If your speaker system subwoofer is not having an amplifier. Then you will need an amplifier to power up your subwoofer and then you will have to connect each speaker directly to the AV receiver.

Which sound system is best for home theater?

If you are an audiophile or just a fan of DTS or Dolby Atmos then go for the 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 channel otherwise for normal home theater owners the 7.1 or 5.1 surround sound is the best to enjoy cinema-like surround sound audio at the comfort of their house.

Helpful Resources For The FAQs To Read More

  1. This was what I have set up in my theater room. Read from Dolby about their speakers’ layout recommendations for Dolby Atmos audio. (Resource for the second answer)
  2. If your speakers in the system are not relying on the subwoofer built-in Amp and require a separate connection for each speaker then follow this connection guide by Sony. (Resource for the third answer)

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