15 Creative Ways To Hide Home Theater Speaker Wires

How To Hide Home Theater Speaker Wires

You have set up the home theater and everything is going really well. You are enjoying the audio and video and your valuable time with your family, but now the wires are scattered all around in the whole theater room is looking really messy. Furthermore, you want to hide those wires.

 The video and audio experience is top-notch but what to do with these wires.

Well, there are free methods to hide the speaker wires like hiding it under the carpet and there are some paid affordable ways to hide the wires Like code covers.  We will discuss both free and affordable options in detail in this article.

Three Methods To Hide Speaker Wires

  • Free Methods
  • Methods that will cost you few dollars
  • Completely erase the need for wires management

1. The Free Methods

These free method opportunities are already there in your house; we have to just utilize them. 

#1 Hide Speaker Wire Under Carpet

If the speakers are away from your home theater and the wires to the speakers are very long.  Then the best free option for you is to hide these wires and to run them Beneath The carpet. 

 If you have more than one wire, then the better idea will be to scatter them apart from one another. So, you don’t see a big bump on your carpet.

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#2 Run The Cables Along With Baseboard And Carpet

Run The Cables Along With Baseboard And Carpet

In many houses, there are baseboards already.  If it is in your house then we have another opportunity to hide speaker wires.

 This is even more beneficial if your speakers are located near the baseboards. 

You have to stuff the wire in the carpet along with the baseboards and snake it all the way to the speakers

 The above two methods are helpful when your whole room is carpeted.

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#3 You Can Hide It Under The Rug

 If your whole room is not carpeted and the wires need to be traveled in a small area for the speakers. In this case, you can use a rug to hide it.

Search if there is already an extra rug in your house.  But you can also buy it online.

 It doesn’t need a special rug, any type of normal rug will do the work.

#4 Hiding It Behind The Crown Molding

Hide speaker wires in the crown molding

You can hide your wires behind the molding too.  Simply peel off the moldings and make a curved way in the back of the molding through a tool, Then simply place the wire in that curved way of the molding. Then you can again attach the molding to the base of the wall; you don’t need special experience for this task.

Many companies are already offering hollow molding.  These hollow areas of molding can be used for hiding your speaker wires. 

Whenever constructing a new house you better think about the future technology in it.  Like if someone has hollow molding already in the house they will be so excited to experience this usage of the molding.

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2. Affordable Methods To Hide Speaker Wires

While other methods are free, but these methods will cost you a few dollars.

#1 Chair Rail Molding Can Also Keep Your Wires Secretly

Hide Speaker wires inside the chair molding

Many of us know already about Crown molding.  The crown molding runs on the wall at the base where the floor starts or at the top of the wall where the ceiling starts. 

 But chair rail molding runs on the wall between these crown moldings.  You can run it anywhere on the wall as long as they are between the crown molds.

 This chair rail molding provides another opportunity for hiding the wires.

You can buy special chair rail molding that can hide wire without noticing any distortion in the design.

Chair rail molding will add a new decoration to your room or house, and it will also serve the purpose of hiding the wire.

Before buying new chair molding, you should first take all the necessary measurements. 

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#2 Hiding Speaker Wire In Drywall Or Above The Ceilings

Hire a professional for this task if you are not experienced in home DIY projects.

  1. To play safe here, you must switch off all the electricity of the house from the main house controller switchboard.
  2. Now cut a hole in the drywall where you will enter the wire.  Don’t worry if the hole is rough.  We can decorate it later with a wall plate.
  3. Now cut a hole in the ceiling adjacent to that drywall. 
  4. Now run a fish tape from the opening hole to the ending one.
  5. Attach the wire with the fish tape through an electrical tape.
  6. Now pull down that fish tape and the wire will come with it too. 
  7. Now you have a wire in the drywall to the ceiling.
  8. Now repeat the same process for your destination where the speaker is located.
  9. You have successfully hidden the wire above the ceiling.
  10. You can repeat the same process for hiding the wire in the wall.

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#3 Hide The Speaker Wires With The Light Strips

Hide The Speaker Wires With The Light Strips

 There are various colors in the light strips available that will decorate your home and will also serve the purpose of hiding your speaker wires.

You can buy a nice color of the light strip.  Many light strips come with the remote and many can be controlled by a mobile app.

USB powered light strips are also available in the market.

 You can hide the speaker wires under the strips where you can run the wires along the light strips.

But keep in mind that don’t snake these wires in those areas of the wall that they can easily reflect in your home theater TV or a projector screen. This will affect your home theater experience.

#4 Cable Sleeves Can Be Another Affordable Option

Cable Sleeves for hiding wires

Cable sleeves are mainly used to group different wires and then slip the group of wires into the cable sleeves.

Wear these sleeves to many wire groups and then the wires can be fish in from TV to speakers.

This will be a nice addition if you find it in the matching color with your carpet.

#5 Hide Speaker Wires With Matching Paint

If you are having a Wall mounting speakers, and you don’t want to cut a hole in the wall, or it is a rented property, and you are not permitted by the landlord to do so.

Then you have to staple it or duct tape it on the wall.  You can then hide the wires with the matching paint of your wall. In this way, they will blend into the Aroma of your room.

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#6 Cord Covers Is Another Way To Hide Wires

Cord Covers for hiding wires

There are many types of cord covers.  Many are made of plastics, rubbers, and you can also find fabric cord covers as well.

These cord covers have separate empty channels for wires. You can run in your wire through these channels in the code covers.

To enhance the design, even more, you can paint it with matching paint with your floor. These covers can also protect wires from any damage.

#7 Corner Duct Raceways

The purpose of these raceways is clear by its name.

They are made to fit in the corners of your room.  They have empty channels for wires and just like cord covers, but they can adjust into the corners.

 They can also protect the wire from damages and also the whole room will look clean.

#8 Hide Speaker Wire Across Doorway

Speaker wires can  be hidden across the door easily as like hiding it on the floor.

  1. Find good cable raceways. The rubber option will be nice for this purpose
  2. Now run the wires in the empty channels of the cable raceways
  3. Now attached double tab with the lower layer of the raceways.
  4. Peel off of one side of that double tape to expose the adhesive part of it
  5. Now place these cable raceways across the doorway and attach them to the floor or a carpet

You have successfully hidden speaker wires across doorway

#9 Attach Cable Trays Near To Your Theater System

Cable trays to hide speaker wires

This is another affordable option for your home theater speaker wire management.  These trays can be attached Beneath or behind your theater system.  Many different wires can be placed in this tray so the place of the home theater system doesn’t look Messy.

#10 Use Flat Tape Speaker Wires

They are super thin and very flexible flat wires. They have glue on one side.  You can apply this side of the wires to your wall. They are very flexible and can go through the corners of the room. 

The outer facing layer of these wires is made to be painted.  The paint color can be of wall paint matching and no one can notice that any wires are there.

3. Completely Erase The Need For Speaker Wires Management

#1 Use Wireless Speakers

Nowadays there is competition among these TV companies. They are creating TVs thinner and thinner day by day.  Due to this thin design that’s why companies can’t fix a good speaker in it.

 You need separate speakers for your home theater to enhance the audio experience.

 If you need it anyway then why not buy wireless soundbars.

 Now you don’t have to do cable management because there are no cables of the speakers.

 Before buying wireless speakers you should first confirm that your home theater receiver supports wireless speakers.

 If your home theater receiver is powerful then the wireless speaker experience will be superb for you. Otherwise, you will experience legging between the video and audio.

 The lips’ movement will be different and dialogues will be different.  To eliminate this problem you should go with a powerful home theater receiver.

15 Ways To Hide Home Theater Speaker Wires Checklist

Hide home theater speaker wires checklist

Download this in higher quality printable PDF from Google Drive


How Do You Hide Wires Without Cutting A Wall?

If you don’t want to cut a hole in the already finished wall, you can use adhesive flat wires for speakers.  One part of these wires can be stuck to the wall and the other layer can easily be painted to blend it in the color of the wall.  You can use a corner duct to hide wires in the area where the wall and ceiling meats. 

You can also use cable raceways with the bottom of the baseboard.

How Do I Run Speaker Wire Through Finished Walls?

You can cut a hole in the drywall. You can easily snake the wires through the hole in the drywall and from there it can lead to the destination where your speakers are located.

Don’t worry if these holes are looking rough.  You can enhance its design with wall plates.

The whole method is described in this video in detail

You can watch it on YoutubeOpens in a new tab. from here.

How Do You Hide The Sound Bar Wires?

Sound Bar wires can be hidden by cable raceways or cord covers.  There can be messy soundbar wires behind your furniture, you can easily bind them together with the help of a zip hook.  You can also make a bunch of it with the help of a zip hook.

Do you want wireless soundbars that will minimize the wire management? Read my this review on the best soundbars under $300Opens in a new tab.. Almost all of them are wireless.

How do you hide speaker wires on the floor?

We have said this a lot in the above section of this article. This task can be easily done with the help of cable raceways. Just place the raceways on the floor and run the wires in the empty channels of it. Now paint the raceways so that they can match the color of the floor.

How do you hide wires on hardwood floors?

Again raceways will do the job. You should paint it with the wooden texture paint color. So the raceways perfectly blend into the texture of hardwood floors.

This was my opinion you can learn more about it on eHowOpens in a new tab.

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