Are Short Throw Projectors Any Good? (Facts & Figures)

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There are three types of projectors for each size of home theater. They serve their job differently and flawlessly. So, are short-throw projectors any good?

At A Glance: Short throw projectors are good if the theater room is smaller like 15 X 13 and the audience wants a bigger image size in it like 100 inches or above. Because short throw projectors are capable of throwing 100 inches of the image from 3-8 ft away from the screen.

Keep reading as well as discuss the most significant related questions. I will also talk about its disadvantages and advantages. 

Short throw projectors and their role in the home theater

Short throw projectors are used to throw incredibly sharp and bigger images from a very little distance.

These projectors are capable of throwing 100-150 inches of an image from 8-13 feet away from the screen.

The image quality is the same as the traditional projector. Even better in some cases if you get a short throw projector that is equipped with modern technology and parts.

Like Sony, VW325ES is the top-of-the-notch ST projector that is better than many projectors. 

These short throw projectors are ideal for smaller home theater rooms. Now, don’t worry because these projectors can bring a cinema-like experience to smaller home theater owners.

It is a dream come true for them to have their theater at home.

Read my guide about the best short throw projectors for home theater. You will know more about it.

Short throw Vs ultra-short throw Vs long throw projector

Projector TypeImage SizeThrow Distance
Short throw projector100 inches3-13 feet
Ultra short throw projector100 inches7-30 inches
Long Throw projector100 inches16 > feet
A few projectors will project it from 3 and another will from 13. That’s why it is written in a 3-13 manner.

Short-throw projectors are for a smaller theater room. The long throw is for a large home theater and the Ultra short throw projectors are for bedroom-based theaters.

Read my guide about the best Ultra Short throw projectors for home theater. You will know more about the UST projectors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a short throw projector?

Let’s discuss it in a step-by-step manner.

Advantages of a short throw projector

Requires Smaller Space

You don’t need a large, hall-like room to set up a theater in it. An average or below-average room will work fine for it. A 15 X 14 room is just fine to have the best quality short throw projector in it.

Take this room size as a reference point and not an absolute value.

Well Build Quality 

Companies that create short-throw projectors usually put huge work into their build quality. The ST projectors cost more than a normal projector, and the companies don’t want to upset their users with their buying decision.

That’s why they work more on the ST projectors than on the normal projector. They don’t neglect the normal projectors, but they want their ST projectors to be worth each penny.

Well Engineered & Equipped With Top-Notch Technology

The ST projectors require well-engineered bulbs and processing units to throw the image from a small distance.

Those processing units require precision technology to be equipped with. Like Sony, VW325ES has a special image processing processor that normal projectors don’t have. 

They are engineered much better than normal projectors.

Disadvantages of a short throw projector


The ST projectors are much more expensive than the normal projectors. By keeping the same level of projectors from ST and the normal projectors’ category. The ST will be more expensive. 

Requires Experience

By the time of writing this post, the ST projectors require some level of experience to set up and calibrate their picture. It needs more expertise than normal projectors.

Do short throw projectors need a special screen?

In-Short: A special screen is not required for the short throw projectors. It can work fine with any screen, but it will work better with ALR screens.

In-Depth: It will work the same as a normal projector in terms of image projection on types of screens. A special type is not required because it can project on any material on the screen.

But ALR screens will work better for the ST projectors. These screens will not create shiny spots in the middle when light hits their surface. That’s why these screens will enhance the picture quality more. The ALR screen is not required, but it will make the picture better.

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What should I look for in a short throw projector?

In-Short: You should look at the same features in it as you do in the normal projector but just add another feature and that is the throw ratio. Look at its build quality, brightness, picture quality, lamp life, and throw ratio.

In-Depth: The short throw projector’s features are not different from the ST project, as the only difference is the throw ratio.

The throw ratio is the distance from which it can project a specific size of the image. Check that and decide which ratio supports your theater room.

The other features such as brightness, build quality, picture quality, and lamp life stay the same. Read my data table about lamp life in my guide on how many years does a projector lasts. You will know many new things.

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Do short-throw projectors need fewer lumens?

Lumens don’t depend on the type of projectors, but it depends on the lighting condition of the theater room.

A special lumens number will not satisfy the buying decision for the ST projector because its lumens are no different from a normal projector. 

The lumens should be higher if the room has ambient light coming in, but its number should be lowered if the room has no ambient light coming.

Are short-throw projectors good for movies?

Movies don’t get special treatment from short throw projectors, but the room size does get.

There should be no argument about the movie’s quality and the ST projector because each projector varies from model to model. The ST projectors are not made by keeping movies, gaming, or music in mind, but they are made by keeping theater room space in mind.

How far away to place a short throw projector?

It should be placed with the instructions of its throw ratio from the manufacturers.

You can’t simply place an ST projector at your desired distance, but you should follow its throw ratio.

If its throw ratio says that this projector can throw a 100 inches image from 8 feet, then you should place it accordingly.

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