Does Dolby Atmos Improve Sound Quality? (Know The Truth)

Does Dolby Atmos Improve Sound Quality?

Dolby Atmos is on everybody’s tongue. You will hear this word from everyone who knows little or more about audio. Because it is getting popular day by day. So, does Dolby Atmos improve sound quality?

Dolby Atmos not only improves sound, but it gives a 360° playground to it. The surround sound is shifted to 3D audio, where the objects on the screen can play their sounds in any dimension of the 3D sound bubble. The exact fly route of a drone on the screen will be replicated by audio.

Keep reading as we will be discussing the best setup and content for Atmos. Also, I will be discussing most related questions to this topic. Master it by reading this article.

How does it improve the sound?

Traditional surround sound is based on channels and speakers. The channels are the focal point of the sound.

When an object is at the center of the screen the sound will come out of the center speaker and when it moves to the left side. All the speakers on the left will throw this same sound and when it goes to the back then all the speakers will throw that same sound at once. So, the point of this article is that in the surround sound, all speakers in a channel will play the same sound. 

In Dolby Atmos, each speaker plays sound discretely than the rest of the speakers in the channel. This means that the object’s sound can properly navigate in the room. Check the image below to understand it better. I will tell you about this magic in a few lines there.

This will sound good, and you will feel no cons in it, but once Dolby Atmos is introduced to the system then everything will feel different.

Sound before and after Dolby Atmos

Like in this picture, in surround sound, the speakers throw sound at the audience in a directional manner, and all the speakers in a channel will play one sound.

But the Dolby Atmos works in 360 degrees. It creates a sound bulb around the audience. The same dimension of impact will be felt in this bulb. The flying route of the honeybee will be felt exactly like it is on the screen because each speaker can play sound discreetly that will replicate the exact dimension of honeybee flight in the form of audio around you.

Dolby Atmos will place you in the movie scene far better than traditional surround sound. 

This is what Dolby Atmos can bring improvement to the sound. 

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Keep reading to know the right setup for it.

Watch this video with headphones on. If your headphones are of good quality you can sense the 3D nature of Dolby. You don’t need to buy Dolby headphones for it.

Is Atmos worth it at home & What setup to do?

The Dolby Atmos is absolutely worth it in the home theater because now brands have successfully brought it to the home level after a successful run in professional cinema halls.

At first when the Atmos was invented. It required more than 100 channels to process accurately. These many channels can only be installed in a professional cinema hall only. But now the Dolby lab has processed the audio technology, and now it can be satisfied by 7 channels too.

Atmos in the home theater can be thrown out by 7 channels, but 9 channels are recommended for it.

The 9 channels can give the Atmos on a very low budget, and it will sound good too.

After the Dolby Lab achievements. Now the dimensions of the audio can be given to video content in home theater by Dolby Atmos. The 3D audio can be produced even by 9 channels.

Isn’t it magic? It is a technology that is making everything awesome for us.

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Can any movie play Dolby Atmos?

The movies that are decoded in Dolby Atmos can play Atmos. Experts should do the decoding process with precision. Otherwise, it will sound awful.

Every movie that you want to play in Atmos should be decoded in it. Not every movie is decoded in Atmos.

Few movies that producers claim are Atmos movies. Turns out that they are not decoded properly.

This will result in channels and sound desynchronization. The sound that is not supposed to be played by the Atmos speaker will be played by it and vice versa. This will sound irritating and will ruin the movie’s experience.

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Does Dolby Atmos really make a difference in music?

Dolby Atmos will bring the same 3D experience to the music too. The music will feel more immersive in nature than before.

Many record labels are producing their new music in the Dolby Atmos format. Atmos music is getting popular day by day, and it came to the market recently.

The same immersive and sound bubble that Atmos creates in movies. It will create that bubble in the music too.

The sound of all the musical instruments will feel all around you. This creates an audio universe around you.

This Dolby Atmos music is named spatial audio in Apple iTunes.

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Final Verdict

The Dolby Atmos improves the sound of home theater from a level of 3 to a full 10. The sound from the channels is transformed into dimension-focused. 

When all the dimensions are offered to the audio. The audio can flow better and smoothly across the theater which gives a sense of realism. Movies after this feel realistic.


Is Dolby 5.1 the same as Atmos?

The 5.1 is on the ground and the Atmos is on the ground and above. The Atmos completes 360 degrees around the audience.

There is a considerable difference between both of them. The 5.1 surrounds you on the ground and the Atmos adds height channels too. From where it showers the sound over you.

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How many speakers do you need for Dolby Atmos?

Two speakers in the ceiling are essential, but four are recommended.

The Atmos effects can be delivered even by two speakers when there is no more than one seating in the theater, but if the seating number is more than four speakers are recommended.

But if you want to truly immerse yourself in the Atmos effects then install four speakers, even one couch seating is in your theater room.

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Is Dolby Atmos good for gaming?

Atmos is good for gaming because it will take you to the situation of the game. 

When I am playing horror games on Atmos. I feel scarier than when I am playing it on surround sound. Because I feel like the witches are directly flying at me.

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