5 Best Home Theater In A Box/Systems Under $1000 (Reviewed)

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Finding the best home theatre system/Home Theater In A Box for your living or theater room is a big Hustle to overcome and this hustle is even harder in this age because of a lot of garbage reviews about home theatre systems on the internet.

Another point is that finding a good quality theatre system under $1000 is even harder because not all manufacturers are able to cut the prices and pump up the quality of the system at the same time.

Finding a Dolby Atmos and 4K HDR-capable home theatre system in this price range Is like scoring hole-in-one in golf. In other words, like having feelings for the word splendid.

Our Top Tested & Reviewed Products At A Glance

Theater System/Home Theater In A Box

Surround Sound Audio


What is Included?


Today's Best Deals

( Best) Yamaha YHT-4950U



4K HDR10 & Dolby Vision

5 Speakers + Subwoofer + AV Receiver


(✨ 2nd Best)

Onkyo HT-S3910


5.1 + Atmos Height Virtualization

4K ultra HD & Dolby Vision

5 Speakers + Subwoofer + AV Receiver


Onkyo HT-S3900




5 Speakers + Subwoofer + AV Receiver


But don’t worry I have reviewed the top 7 systems for you. You don’t need to search for hole-in-one golf scoring. Each review is written after the results of buying a theatre system for myself and testing out theatre systems in my friends’ houses.

We are a group of friends that are enthusiastic about home theatre and this enthusiasm caught even more fire during this pandemic when we were in a lockdown in our houses.

Before deep-diving into the reviews let me clear a misleading conception about the theatre system on the internet. So, that you know you are in the right place to hunt for reviews of the theatre systems.

What is the difference between a home theatre system, a speaker Set, and a Home Theater In A Box?

A home theatre system is a complete package of 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound with its AV receiver. It is also referred to as Home Theater in a Box. I mean Home Theater In A Box and Home Theater System both are the same thing.

The speaker set is different in that you get a set of 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound speakers and you don’t get an AV receiver.

In a home theater system, you get complete home theatre in a box (speakers + AV receiver) without a display like Smart TV, smart projector, or media source like Blu-ray. You will have to get the display and media source separately. But it is a big convenience. You don’t need to worry about matching speakers and subwoofers and also matching the tonality of front LCR speakers with surround sides and rear speakers. For newbies, it is a treat from Santa.

But for the speaker set, you will have to buy an AV receiver too.

Each reviewed theatre system in this article has its own AV receiver, not like other bloggers that are reviewing speaker sets in the name of theatre Systems.

Confident and super pumped? Nice. Let’s dive into the reviews.

All Products At A Glance – Reviews Of Each Product Is Below This Table

Home Theater In A Box/Theater SystemSurround Sound AudioVideo QualityEditor’s Ratings
Yamaha YHT-4950U5.14K HDR4.9
Onkyo HT-S39105.1 + Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization4K Ultra HD & Dolby Vision4.8
Onkyo HT-S39005.14K HDR4.7
Yamaha YHT-5950U5.14K Ultra HD with HDR104.4
Rockville HTS565.1N/A4
RCA RT2781HB5.1N/A2.1

1. Yamaha YHT-4950U – Best For Pro System At Low Budget


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Dolby TrueHD with cinema DSP Technology | Video Quality: 4K HDR with hybrid log-gamma Technology | AV Receiver: Yes | Subwoofer: Included in The System | Power: 150W | Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth

Today’s Best Deals

4.9Expert Score

Sound Quality
Video Quality
Build Quality & Compatibility
  • The pro sound system at low budget
  • Nice Bluetooth connection for mobile and laptop music
  • 4K HDR quality with natural and rich picture
  • Dolby TrueHD audio with cinema hall-like sound imaging. Thanks to Yamaha Cinema DSP Technology
  • App for easy system installation
  • Can connect a dongle for streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more apps
  • However, it has Bluetooth but not like its updated YHT-5950U version that lets you connect to another speaker in another room with wifi
  • It doesn't have built-in streaming services you need to get a streaming dongle or Amazon Fire Stick for your favorite streaming services

Is It For You?

For those who want to have a pro-cinema-like experience at their home on a low budget.

Sound Quality

With the Dolby TrueHD with Cinema DSP technology, you can feel like the fighter jet on the screen is hovering over your head and you will still hear the dialogue. Bang this is what home theater owners want.

Video Quality

The 4K HDR with Dolby Vision is delivering rich, deep, and natural image quality due to hybrid log-gamma technology. Your Netflix streaming experience will finally come to life.

Build Quality and Compatibility

The speakers are well-built and can integrate with each other correctly.

The only negative for some users will be that the speakers and subwoofer connection are not wireless; you will have to run wires between them. This is expensive and should have wireless capability.

Unique Features

The Hybrid Log Gamma for video and the cinema DSP for audio is keeping this system apart from the competitors.

Detail Review Of Yamaha YHT-4950U

With this Home Theater In A Box, you can get a cinema-like experience at your home on a low budget and no hustle of choosing the right speakers that can communicate with each other properly. Because here you are getting a subwoofer and 5 speakers from one brand with the same tonality. Just plug in, get popcorn, and play 50 Shades of, oh sorry, Breaking Bad. I respect your privacy.

It can provide 4K Dolby vision of the video and Dolby TrueHD with cinema DSB technology that can give you sound quality like a huge cinema hall in your room.

The hybrid log-gamma technology in this model gives the ability to make pictures more realistic, natural-looking, rich, and deep.

The sound Optimisation technology of YPAO is included in this model. You have to place the YPAO mic in a place you want to hear sound and this will optimize the sound according to the environment of your room.

The sound quality is so amazing that upon our testing we find that when fighter jets are flying on the screen we feel like it is flying above our heads and we still hear the dialogue.  It is a pretty amazing experience at this price.

In this model, the 5.1 virtualization technology is introduced too as same as in the new updated version. 

You get a surround sound-like experience by placing all the speakers at the front but still, I will not recommend doing this.

To have a complete surround sound experience you should place the rear speaker at the back of your sitting area but if you are watching movies in your bed then you can rely on this feature otherwise avoid it.

The FM and AM sounds are clear and of great quality through the antenna connection.

Eco mode is introduced in this model when this mode is on, it can save the power 20% less than the normal condition. 

You can connect mobile devices or laptops through Bluetooth with the AV receiver and you can stream audio directly from your mobile with no need for a wired connection.

2. Onkyo HT-S3910 – Best Home Theater System For TV With Atmos Height Virtualization


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Surround Sound With Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization | Video Quality: 4K ultra HD and Dolby vision | AV Receiver: Yes | Subwoofer: 120W | Rest of the speakers: 150W | Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth, and optical | Apps Streaming: Netflix, amazon prime and many more with the help of a dongle

Today’s Best Deals

4.8Expert Score

Sound Quality
Build Quality & Compatibility
Criteria name
  • Best quality at an affordable price
  • Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology
  • 4K HDR and Dolby Vision video
  • Can connect dongle straight to the AV receiver
  • Can enhance the quality of low-quality music streaming via Bluetooth from a mobile device
  • The included wires are not the best for speaker connection. You need to buy separate wires.
  • The bass of the subwoofer is not fit for an audiophile person but if you are a newbie you will like it

Is It For You?

Those who want to have a cinema-like experience at their homes at an affordable price and that too supports dongle.

Sound Quality

The sound of this system provides Dolby Atmos quality audio with DTS virtual X and height virtualization.

When we tested it we found that the Bluetooth connection was good the sound was rich and clear and the bass was deeper. The sound was constant across all the speakers.

We tested the previous version of Onkyo HT-S3900 with a YouTube video of 20 to 20000 Hz frequency and it passed that test.

This newer version’s sound and bass are enhanced more with DTS Virtual X and Dolby Atmos virtual height optimization technology.

Know About The Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization from my this guide. Is Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Worth It? I have carried out an experiment in this guide for honest proven insights to provide.

Video Quality

The AV receiver of this system is capable of processing 4K HDR content with Dolby Vision from varieties of streaming services. For Dolby Atmos audio and Dolby Vision content of Netflix, this is a champ.

Build and Compatibility

The best part about any system is that all components of the system are built by one brand. Due to this, all speakers can integrate with each other properly and also can communicate with the AV receiver properly. The best news about each system on this list is that the whole system is built by one brand like Yamaha, Onkyo, etc.

The speakers are well built and can integrate very well with each other of this model.

The connection is very simple by following the on-screen guide.

The rest of the speakers are 150W and the subwoofer is 120W.

If you are an audiophile person then you will not like the bass quality of the subwoofer but you can always buy another subwoofer of your choice and it will perfect the whole system for you.

If you’re not an audiophile then this is the best fit for you to give you a cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Unique Features

It’s the ability to stream good apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime via dongle and that too in Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. The audio-enhancing technology that we discussed above and that too at a very affordable price.

Detail Review Of Onkyo HT-S3910

This Onkyo HT-S3910 is the perfect gadget to transform your home theatre system and set up a professional cinema-like experience in the comfort of your home.

At a price range of below $700, this is the perfect replacement for Soundbar. Skip the soundbar and get this model and you will not regret your decision. Here you will get a complete surround sound package with an AV receiver. No soundbar can give you this facility.

With its Bluetooth capabilities, you can connect your mobile laptop or any other device. You can stream your audio from the mobile and the DSP technology in this receiver will enhance the music bit by bit to output a clear and rich sound.

The height virtualization technology in this theatre system is a game-changer. You can have Dolby Atmos height and surround sound effects from a simple speaker’s layout.  

You don’t need to buy huge floor-standing speakers or mount your speakers on the ceiling in your theatre room to get the Dolby Atmos height and surround sound effects. Because this system can provide a Dolby Atmos height virtualization facility.

With 5 HDMI connections and 1 HDMI ARC connection, you can have 4K HDR and Dolby Vision quality video and Dolby Atmos quality audio from this theatre system.

On our testing, we found that all speakers in the systems can integrate well and the sound is constant across all the speakers. The Bluetooth connectivity is smooth.

What is new in Onkyo HT-S3910 that Onkyo HT-S3900 doesn’t have?

This new model Onkyo HT-S3910 sound is enhanced. The sound is now rich, clear, and louder than the previous version. The base is now deeper in this new model.

This new version has a dongle connectivity option as well. You can connect the dongle straight to the AV receiver. 

You can then stream HDR 4K content with Dolby Atmos audio from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more apps that your dongle is providing.

This feature is a game-changer at this price with the best video and audio quality. Also, this dongle feature is upgrading Onkyo’s budget-friendly models for the new age technology.

Also, this model has DTS virtual X Technology. This technology gives the ability to this receiver to give a 3D sound field to any speaker layout of a 2.1, 3.1, or 5.1 surround system.

If your media source is 2.1 then you don’t need to connect complete surround sound speakers to get a 3D sound field because this technology can enhance it. No discrimination baby, LOL!

But to get real 3D sound you should consider installing in-ceiling speakers. They will shower Dolby Atmos over you from above. Read my in-ceiling speakers review to know more.

3. Onkyo HT-S3900 – Best Of The Best For Non-audiophile And Very Budget-Friendly


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Dolby TrueHD | Video Quality: 4K HDR | AV Receiver: Yes | Subwoofer: Included in The System | Power: 120W | Connectivity: HDMI, USB, and Bluetooth

Today’s Best Deals

4.7Expert Score

Sound Quality
Video Quality
Build Quality & Compatibility
  • Passed our test
  • It can deliver Dolby TrueHD
  • It can deliver 4K HDR content
  • It can give a cinema-like experience at home but in a small family theater room
  • Connect devices through Bluetooth
  • Connect any storage device via USB
  • Best only in the small living rooms and apartments for the medium you need acoustic treatments and soundproofing of the theater room.
  • Not the best fit for audiophiles. They need a more robust sound with bombastic bass
  • The included wires are thin and the rear sound speaker wires are very short
  • The speaker connectivity with the receiver is not wireless

Is It For You?

  1. This is the best system for normal (non-audiophile) home theater owners. They can really enjoy this system.
  2. Those who want Dolby TrueHD and 4K HDR-capable theater systems under $400.

Sound Quality

Upon our testing, it was capable of playing Dolby TrueHD content and the speakers were successfully giving us a good cinema-like experience upon our 20-20000 Hz testing experience, we proved that it is the best affordable system for non-audiophile people.

This system is the best for small and medium-sized home theater systems.

Video Quality

This system AV Receiver is truly on point when playing the 4K HDR content on it.

Build and Compatibility

The system is 120W but it can easily beat a higher-watt system due to its quality.

Compatibility is good, you can connect many devices to it through HDMI connection and many more options. The speakers are able to integrate really well with each other and also with the receiver.

By following the user manual you can easily connect all the speakers to the receiver and media sources.

Unique Features

It is capable of delivering Dolby TrueHD and 4K HDR content at an affordable price. It is truly a bingo deal.

Detail Review Of Onkyo HT-S3900

This is the 5.1 surround sound system with Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity.

You can connect your Bluetooth devices like mobile and laptops directly to this system and you can instantly enjoy surrounding sound magic at your home.

The HDMI connectivity enhances the convenience for users and you can connect your media source through a single HDMI wire.

In the user manual, it is advised by Onkyo that this HDMI ARC may not work in any condition. 

Like when I was testing this system in my friend’s house he was unable to connect Roku directly to the HDMI ARC port of this system’s AV receiver.

He came up with another simple solution that everyone can follow if their TV has multiple HDMI ports.

My friend connected a Roku to the HDMI-supported port of the TV and then connected the TV through ARC HDMI port to the AV receiver and hence he was able to successfully connect the Roku dongle.

So keep in mind if you want the ARC connection to work in any condition, your smart TV must have multiple HDMI ports.

Another best part about this system is that it can deliver Dolby TrueHD quality audio and 4K HDR quality video.

The Dolby Atmos audio gives a cinema-like experience at your home. Get the sound of the movie as the producers intended you to hear.

But to experience Dolby TrueHD and 4K HDR quality of this system you must play this level of content on it. Your media source should have 4K and Dolby TrueHD quality so that you get the perfect experience from this system.

You can connect any memory device that is compatible with USB connectivity directly to the AV receiver. Make sure that you have 4K content in that memory device.

Our Simple test to prove its quality for non-audiophiles:

We played a YouTube video with frequencies 20 hertz to 20000 hertz to test the high and low tones capability of this system

The overall system and subwoofer were capable of throwing out the low tones and high as 10000 Hertz and even beyond.

You can do this test by yourself. Go to YouTube and play any video of this kind on any system.

These test results proved that this is the perfect system for non-audiophile people.

Here are a few subwoofers under $300 that are best fit for non-audiophiles. Few of those subs’ performances will shock you. I have done some extensive research for this review.

Another thing that my friend and I noticed with this system is that, don’t use old and poor-quality HDMI cables with this system. Always use updated HDMI cables in good condition for this system to work properly and smoothly.

4. Yamaha YHT-5950U – Best For 5.1 Surround Sound


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Dolby TrueHD | Video Quality: 4K ultra HD with HDR10 | AV Receiver: Yes | Subwoofer: Included in The System | Power: 145W | Connectivity: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, and wifi | Apps Streaming: Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and can connect to Apple TV due to builtin Airplay 2.

Today’s Best Deals

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon

4.4Expert Score

Sound Quality
Video Quality
Build Quality & Compatibility
  • Automatic optimization of music according to room acoustic
  • You can connect the rear speakers wirelessly
  • You can connect to mobile devices via Bluetooth
  • You can connect to Apple TV
  • You can connect other speakers via Bluetooth in other rooms or outdoor
  • Stream music and radio stations due to the builtin Wi-Fi ability
  • The included subwoofer bass is not deep and rich
  • The included wires are thin and has cheap quality

Is It For You?

For those who want to have a good quality theater system without breaking the bank.


The Dolby TrueHD sound is good but this is not the top-notch theater system out there at this price range, it is a champ with the best sound and integration compatibility at this price.


The AV Receiver is capable of processing 4K HDR content and the picture quality is amazing with no pixel distortions.

Build and Compatibility

The build quality is really good and the 145W is delivering the audio quality with the good bass that it is created for.

The system is compatible with many devices like the iPhone, and iPod, and with many technologies like Apple TV, Google Assistant, Alexa, and Spotify.

The speakers can connect and communicate with each other very well. You can have good power over each speaker. You can cross-connect many speakers to the receiver via Bluetooth across multiple rooms.

Unique Features

  1. The smartness of connecting to Google Assistant and Alexa.
  2. The ability to connect to Apple TV due to built-in Airplay 2.
  3. The ability of wireless connectivity of the rear speakers with MusicCast20.
  4. The ability to connect speakers across the whole house from room to room via Bluetooth. But in the range required
  5. The built-in wifi

Detail Review

This is one of the best in this price range by Yamaha due to its smartness of connecting to Wi-Fi, Google Assistant, and Alexa. The great Dolby TrueHD sound and 4K Ultra HD capability of video processing by the AV receiver. The use but the acceptable condition is under $1000.

You can connect your Apple devices like iPhone and iPod with the help of Airplay 2 functionality in this system receiver.

It instantly connected to my friend’s home Wi-Fi and he was able to connect it to an Apple TV  with a Samsung UHD 4K TV and Blu-ray player. And everything was working fine and the connection was Swift.

He was even able to connect Bluetooth speakers to the system from another room and outdoor speakers in the range and was able to control it with the MusicCast app on his phone. Bingo!

It was an amazing experience at my friend’s house and this product amazed me after reviewing many more theatre Systems at my friends’ houses.

When connected to Wi-Fi you can instantly stream music from Spotify, Pandora, and many more, and also it has hundreds of radio stations to stream.

I bought it and then set it up and powered it on. The sound was not as good as it was in my friend’s house.

However, I followed the Yamaha instructions and connected the YPAO room optimization mic to the AV receiver. 

It started with weird sounds which were annoying but after a few minutes, it perfected the overall sound of this theatre system, and OMG the sound was optimized so well.

The YPAO room optimization technology is introduced by Yamaha and works to perfect the sound of the speakers according to the acoustics of your theatre room. 

You have to connect the mic and place it where you want your speaker’s sound and it will automatically perfect the speaker sound according to your room condition.

Yamaha is also providing rear speakers that don’t need wires to connect them to the receiver. You can connect those MusicCast20 speakers via Bluetooth to the receiver and in this way, you don’t need to run wires to the end of the room to connect your complete surround, sound speakers.

Yamaha mentions that you can place all the speakers in front of you and you will still experience surround sound like audio but this is not recommended by me. 

You should always place the rear speakers behind you for the best surround sound experience.

To learn more about the rear and surround speakers you can read my best satellite speakers review. You will know which properties shift speakers to which position.

What is new in Yamaha YHT-5950U that Yamaha YHT-4950U doesn’t have?

The wifi and the music cast give you the facility to stream 100s of radio channels via wifi. Because of streaming through wifi, you can hear the channels with more clear and better-quality audio.

You can connect speakers to the system via Bluetooth from other rooms at your house or can connect speakers outdoors. Awesome.

With Airplay 2 you can connect your Apple devices and Apple TV.

5. Rockville HTS56 – Best Audio Only Set under $200


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Standardized 5.1 surround sound | AV Receiver: Yes, and built-in the Subwoofer | Power: 1000 Watts | Connectivity: RCA, Bluetooth, and optical

Today’s Best Deals

4.3Expert Score

Sound Quality
Build Quality & Compatibility
  • The sound is good and can bring the theater experience to your home if you properly treat the acoustics of your theater room.
  • Karaoke option with echo functionality for the best experience
  • USB and SD card reader
  • Beautiful LED lights on the speaker and subwoofer if it concerns you
  • The Bluetooth connectivity with the TV is seamless
  • Easy installation
  • You can control the volume of each speaker separately
  • Nice price under $200
  • Wall mounting kit and numbers of cables are included
  • No Dolby Digital 5.1 or Dolby Atmos sound
  • Not a sophisticated 5.1 surround sound but an optimized form of 2.1

Is It For You?

For those who are a newbie to home theater systems and also want to have the best sound for their theater room under $200.

Sound Quality

The sound is not sophisticated 5.1 surround sound but it is one of the best qualities out there. It can truly bring the theater experience to your home. 

Build Quality and Compatibility

The speaker’s container is made up of wood and the front is of plastic. The overall build quality is good,

We have not seen any compatibility issues between the speakers. The system can connect to the TV via Bluetooth very easily and can work seamlessly.

Unique Features

The affordability of this system and the customer support of Rockville. 

Detail Review Of Rockville HTS56

This theatre system gives you the best sound quality under $200 with many more features that will be discussed here.

The sound is great and can give you good quality 5.1 surround sound. Obviously, at this price range, you will not get the purest form of 5.1 surround sound but you can have a taste of it.  It is a more optimized version of 2.1 sound. But at this price range, the sound quality is amazing and can bring the theater experience to your living room or theater room.

This is best for those who are new to the surround sound theatre system game and they are short in budget.

You get two mic inputs at the front that can be used to plug in your mic and start the karaoke party. Echo is being introduced into the system to reflect the true experience of Karaoke.

You can plug in a USB to the front and start streaming your favorite songs from the USB. You can also tuck in your memory card to the memory card reader at the front of the system. 

You can also connect your mobile device via Bluetooth and start streaming your music. 

Just connect the FM antenna and the built-in FM receiver will start playing your favorite radio stations.

The volume control area is at the front below the digital display. You can switch from 2.1 sound to a 5.1 surround system and can up the volume from 1 to 60.

At 60 it can shake the walls of the living room. This system is 1000 watts and the sound is really amazing and does match the 1000 watts range.

The whole theatre system speakers have beautiful LED light displays.

This LED light’s color and behavior can be changed but only on the subwoofer and not on all other speakers. Other speakers will be lit blue only.

The best part is that you can manage each speaker’s music separately.

It has RCA connections and optical input to connect to your TV. Modern TVs do have optical input but you can also connect this system via Bluetooth to your TV.

If your TV does not have an RCA connection then you can use a DA converter for the connectivity.

Many users when they connect this system through a DA converter to their TV. They were not getting good sound at all and were experiencing Humming sound. 

If you experience this then change the TV sound from digital to PCM then everything will work fine and the sound will be good. So keep in mind to avoid this mistake.

Many users that have connected this system to TV through optical input were experiencing static noise. 

In this case, you have to connect this system to another TV but if the static noise exists with another TV as well then you will have to talk to the Rockville support and they will assist you on what to do. Their support system is great and they know how to overcome errors like these.

Bonus Product Review To Keep Safe From The Dirt

RCA RT2781HB U – Best For Only The AV Receiver 

(There is a reason at the bottom why I reviewed it)


Channel: 5.1 | Audio Quality: Dolby Digital | AV Receiver: Yes but supports only audio | Subwoofer: Included in The System | Power: 1000W | Connectivity: HDMI, Bluetooth, RCA

Today’s Best Deal

Check Price & Reviews On Amazon

Check On VIPOutlet

Reasons To Buy

  1. Affordable price
  2. Bluetooth connectivity
  3. FM/AM tuner

Reasons To Avoid

  1. Not the good quality of speakers
  2. Not suitable for modern technology

Who it’s for?

I can’t recommend it because even a few of the soundbars are better in sound than this system’s speakers. 

It is just good for those who are new and want to watch Netflix and Amazon Prime.

You can avoid it altogether and add an extra $150 and buy the Onkyo HT-S3910 instead and get the best audio and video support at a low budget.


The sound of the speakers is not good and you will be required to replace the speakers to get the most out of the audio receiver.

After you replace the speakers with good quality ones then this audio receiver can truly deliver Dolby Digital 5.1.

This system only supports Dolby Digital and can’t provide DTS.

Build & Compatibility

The entire system is made up of plastic.

The speakers can integrate well with each other but the audio quality of the speakers is not good.

Feature That Keeps It Apart

No feature is keeping it apart from the competitors. HAHA LOL! A sorry note here for its manufacturers.

I just reviewed it because many people are buying it. I wanted to give you the right direction for your buying decisions.

Don’t be confused by its name it does provide 3 HDMI inputs and one HDMI output but this system AV receiver is emphasized more on RCA connections.

It provides a Bluetooth connection for your mobile and laptop devices to connect Android and Apple devices and start streaming your favorite music.  

The audio receiver of the system can give you a cinema-like audio experience but the included speakers are not of good quality. 

The sound is not rich and deep. To get the most out of the audio receiver you can connect good quality speakers to the receiver and then it can even shake your room.

It can give you Dolby Digital 5.1 quality surround sound audio.

The inbuilt digital AM and FM tuner is capable of streaming your local radio station.

You can connect gaming consoles, cable TV boxes, Blu-ray players, and more.

To get the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound it is recommended that you use an optical cable connection it.

The included remote is not of good quality and can be annoying many times during usage.

The rear speakers at the back are not good and the front speakers are required to do the heavy lifting for them.

Here are some of the best receivers and preamps/processors on the market. I have reviewed those that I have tested in my business activities.

(FAQs) Your Questions Are Answered Here

You can ask similar questions in the comment box below. They will be answered within 1-2 days.

Is 5.1 worth it for home theater?

The 5.1 is absolutely worth it for a small home theater room that is built for a family of 5. If you are building a theater room for your family of 5 then 5.1 is the best for you.

This surround sound layout can give you room-filling sound on a budget. If you want to enhance it more then you can add another subwoofer too. But make sure the subwoofer is fit for your small theater room and not very powerful to make you feel like the bass is exaggerated.

How much should I budget for a home theater?

If you want just a surround sound of 5.1 or 7.1 and want to enjoy the TV shows and movies without installing fancy stuff in your theater room then I will recommend allocating a $3000 to $5000 budget for your family theater room. This budget will be both for the video and audio components,

But if you want to have Dolby Atmos, fancy seatings, carpet & rugs, multiple subwoofers, and acoustic treatment of your home theater then the budget can be $8000 to $17000.

Is 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound better?

If you are a newbie home theater enthusiast, who wants to experience the cinema at home and need no more extra show-off then 5.1 surround sound is the best for you.

If you are out of the newbie and intermediate home theater owners league and you are on the audiophile people’s team, then you will need 7.1 surround sound to take the home theater experience to another level.

Helpful Resources For The FAQs To Read More

  1. Klipsch here is telling you how to create 7.1 and 7.2 surround sound. (Resource for the third answer)
  2. This was my opinion, watch the below video to learn about the home theater budget in detail. (Resource for the second answer)
Or watch it on Youtube
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