Do Short Throw Projectors Need Less Lumens? (Answer + Q&A)

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This throw ratio debate is catching fire and this debate is giving birth to many new questions. Many consumers try to compare the long throw, short and ultra-short-throw projectors. This question is asked by my blog reader. Do short-throw projectors need fewer lumens?

At A Glance: No evidence can show that short-throw projectors need fewer lumens. The lumens are not dependent on the throw ratio, and the number of lumens may be the same or different in each throw ratio category. Because there are no criteria fixed for lumens and throw ratio.

Keep reading as we will be discussing this in more detail and will also discuss related questions. At last, I will discuss whether the short throw projector is worth it or not.

Lumens Vs Throw Ratio: Any relations?

I researched online on Amazon and many retailer sites. I reached out to the local showroom team.

After research and a Q&A session with the local showroom team. I got answers to many questions.

The first is that there is no relation between the lumens and throw ratio. Brands don’t engineer a projector’s lumens by keeping its throw ratio in mind.

The lumens do not affect the throw ratio and vice versa. 

My friend who runs a home theater showroom in Nashville added, “The engineers in the manufacturers’ office try to have a variety of options for the lumens in every throw ratio category. They don’t make the lumens dependent on the throw ratio. They want their consumers to have a plethora of options in the lumens department. That’s why they don’t keep fixed criteria for lumens. ”

After the quote from my friend. There is no correlation between the throw ratio and lumens.

Keep reading to know more about short throw projectors.

Read this guide to know how many lumens do you need for a home theater projector? I have talked about 3 types of lumens requirements.

Are short-throw projectors better for bright rooms?

They are not better for bright rooms, they are better for rooms that have zero or less light in them.

Projectors are made to be enjoyed in dark rooms. Because keeping the white and color lumens balanced is a very difficult task.

There are two types of lumens. One is bright, and the other is color. To give a better picture quality to consumers. The brands need to keep the two lumens balanced. Otherwise, the quality of the picture will be affected.

If the brands try to make the projectors brighter the color will be lost and if they are made colorful then brightness will be lost. 

That’s why to keep the lumens and picture quality balanced. The brands need your help. The help is to keep the room full dark or to some extent.  

After this, the projector picture quality will be the best. The projector is meant to be watched in the dark. 

That’s why don’t expect high brightness for short throw projectors. Treat them as regular projectors. After that, you can have the best experience possible.

Read this guide to know how many years a projector lasts? I have added a formula that will tell the exact age of your projector.

Are short-throw projectors worth it?

The short-throw projectors are worth it because they can be used in any size of theater room. Also, they are the most precise build projectors on the market.

Brands are running their best brains after this category of projectors. These ST projectors need to be engineered precisely with expensive and state-of-the-art hardware.

They have the best designing methods and the best hardware behind their building. 

You need to project bigger and the best quality image from a shorter distance. To achieve this goal, brands need to work on it with extra focus. 

That’s why they are more expensive than regular projectors.

Despite their higher price, they are all worth it. Because you get a projector with confidence that this will be the best. But only after you buy it from a reputable brand and not from a brandless manufacturer.

Read this guide to know how to keep the projector cool? I have added those tips that are completely free and others will cost you a few dollars.

Did you get something out of this Short Throw Projector guide? Hold On We Have Something Exciting To Share.

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Can a short-throw projector replace the TV?

The short-throw projector can replace a TV if the kind of projector you are using has the latest software platform that can provide android TV and many streaming services access.

Brands are realizing that consumers need modern and helpful features in their tech gadgets. The projectors’ manufacturers are doing the same. The android system that is introduced to the projectors is the best mixture of all these facilities.

The android system is providing features that can successfully replace a TV. If you are in the USA, CA, or the UK then you can successfully replace your TV with an android system for projectors.

Are short-throw projectors noisy?

Not all short-throw projectors are noisy. The ones that are built poorly or from brandless manufacturers make a lot of noise. But if your projector is top quality but still noisy, then try to keep it cool.

Taking care of the cooling process of the projector will solve this issue. But the poorly made projectors will always be noisy no matter what you do. 

But if you are confident that you have bought it from a reputable brand. Then talk to their support team to know if the unit is faulty.

They will replace the unit for free. But if the new unit is still noisy, then go for another model or another brand projector. 

Are short-throw projectors more expensive?

They are more expensive because they need to be manufactured with extra attention and expensive hardware. Projecting a 100 inches image from a distance of a few feet is not an easy thing to do.

There is complex algorithm work and an expensive piece of hardware for projecting huge images from a little distance.

How many lumens is a short-throw projector?

The short-throw projector has lumens that may range from 3000 to 4000 lumens. There are ST projectors that have 3000 or 4000 lumens. They have the same lumens number as regular projectors.

The lumens have no role in projecting the image from a shorter distance. That’s why the ST projectors will have the same amount of lumens as a regular projector.

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