Are Smaller Subwoofers Better For Music? (Facts & QnAs)

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A subwoofer is very important for adding a realistic touch to the music. But choosing the right subwoofer for your needs is a little tricky. It will need a thorough reading of this blog to know about the right one.

At A Glance: A smaller subwoofer is better for music because it will give you an accurate bass without exaggerations. A bigger subwoofer as compared to your room size will give you boomy bass.

Keep reading as we will be discussing many more aspects of this query. Also, I will answer significant questions related to this query.

Smaller subs for music. In-depth answer

A smaller sub is the best for music because it will not make the sound field feel boomy.

A boomy bass-generating subwoofer is only good when you want it to be boomy. Mean if there is a part in your house or there is a bar sign in the movie.

The bar movie scene should be felt like what it is in real life. That’s why at that time the subwoofer’s boomy nature was needed, and it is right.

For music, you require an accurate bass, that’s why a small sub can give you a better experience.

In the case of a bigger subwoofer, this will overpower the whole room size and that will create a boomy bass and a boomy bass mean exaggerations of the actual music bass.

Keep reading to know which size of the sub will be good in general. 

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What size subwoofer sounds best?

In-Short: As a general rule of thumb, dual small subwoofers will be better than one giant one. Because the subwoofer size depends hugely on the room size and acoustics. A bigger subwoofer will give a bass more than is needed, and smaller dual subs will better fill it.

In-Depth: If you want me to explain this matter more. Then my point of view is that a sub size is directly related to the size of the room. 

The same size of the sub will sound boomy in one room and accurately in another. If a sub is bigger than the actual need of the room, then it will over-deliver. This over-delivering is a bigger issue than under-delivering. Because you can solve the issue of under-delivering, but it is very difficult to solve the over-delivered bass.

That’s why I prefer to buy two smaller subwoofers than a bigger sub. The two smaller subwoofers will come in at the same price as the bigger one, and also you can remove dead bass points with it.

Placing it in a diagonal and at opposite corners to each other will better fill the entire room and give you the most accurate bass of your life.

Keep reading as we will be discussing which inch size of the sub is enough for music.

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Which inch of a subwoofer is enough for music?

In-Short: An 8-inch sub is enough for the music, but for the satisfying experience, dual 12-inch subwoofers are recommended.

In-Depth: If you want to arrange a stereo setup on a budget for music that just gives you enough bass that you feel good about, then an 8-inch subwoofer is enough for you. This will come into your budget and will also give you what you need. 

But if you want a bass that you really feel proud of and want to show to your guests and friends, then install dual 12-inch subwoofers.

This will give you the best experience of your life. There will be a needed realism touch in your music and movies. The same size and number of subwoofers are recommended for a complete home theater surround sound.

If you are considering dual subs then read my best subwoofers under the $500 guide. You will get the best quality cheaper.

Should I use a subwoofer for music?

In-Short: For a natural bass, a pair of good speakers that can go deeper in the lower-end frequencies will be the best option, but if you want to add more depth to the bass then add a subwoofer.

In-Depth: For those that want the music to be felt the same way as it was produced, then a pair of speakers have the ability to hit the lower frequency accurately. The lower frequency 35-30Hz. If the speakers can hit these frequencies accurately, then they will give you a natural feel of the music.

But if you are crazy about a deep bass in the music and want to have those 20-15Hz frequencies in your music, then add a subwoofer.

The subwoofer will give you deeper bass. Now, the music will not sound natural, but you will get deeper notes.

Also, the bass depth depends on the genre of the music. In one genre, the deeper bass will feel good and in another genre, the music will feel good without a deeper bass.

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Do audiophiles use subwoofers?

Because they want to feel the natural feel of the music. The feel for which the music is produced. As the subwoofer creates a deeper bass that disrupts the natural tonality of the music.

The audiophiles buy stereo speakers of the best quality that can hit the lower end of frequencies and don’t add a sub to it. It is because the subwoofer needs a lot of tweaking to match it and integrate it perfectly with the speakers, and also it adds more bass to the music. 

The audiophiles want to feel the music in the form that the music was produced.

What size subwoofer has the deepest bass?

The bigger the sub, the deeper the bass will be. But deeper doesn’t mean better bass. A 12-inch sub will have a deeper bass than a 10-inch sub.

The bigger subwoofer driver has more area to go deep back and forth and as a result, it creates a deeper bass. That’s why if you want deeper bass, then go for a bigger subwoofer.

Can you use 2 different subwoofers?

You can use them by integrating them well and also considering the dead bass points, but the best option will be to use dual same subwoofers.

A safer and best option is to use the same company and the same model number subwoofer in your home theater. This will give you the best quality without any disruption in the audio.

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