Simple To Use Home Theater Forum (FREE For Early Birds)

What We Have For Users?

We have created a new forum for our readers. This forum is totally different than all other forums on the internet. This is not only my claim but I can prove it.

Our new forum is easy to use and understand. You don’t need to browse around the forum for weeks to be an expert in it. You can continue to the forum with the help of your Gmail or Facebook account or create a new account with your favorite email address and can instantly engage in the forum.

Not like all other forums online where you need to engage for weeks in the forum to just know the forum better. In our forum, you can start engaging without a learning curve.

Also, we are offering login with Gmail and Facebook IDs. So, you don’t have to remember another account and password thing.

Apart from simplicity, you can request for new topics to be created if you believe that it will be better for you. You can add groups on your own and start the discussion that you love. We have existing groups for TV shows and movie talks and a group where you can show off your home theater setup.

You can create your cool profile with an image, links to your site and social media, a brief description of your experience, and a sweet and short credential.

What We Have For Knowledge Seekers?

You can post any question in any category/topic you like as long as that question follow the forum guidelines. Along with the question you can create a poll to gather many more opinions on your query.

The points system is designed to give you points and badges based on your activity in the forum. With these points & badges your profile looks cool and professional.

What We Have For Knowledge Spreaders?

You feel satisfaction and have peace of mind by answering other users’ questions and you get cool points and badges for that and you get exposure for your work through the social and site links in your profile.

Along with this, you get eligibility for the future forum moderator position. We are planning to have moderators-only meet-ups around the world and special customized gifts and shields will be sent to all the moderators.

Here you can join the forum and it is FREE for a lifetime for the first 5000 users.