Cheap Soundbar Vs TV Speakers? Which is better?

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Every TV comes with its own speakers. But the TV nowadays is so thin that brands find it so difficult to install speakers in it. That’s why soundbars are introduced. But can a cheap soundbar be better than TV speakers?

At A Glance: A cheap soundbar is better because every soundbar has a set of three built-in speakers’ channels, while almost every TV has just two speakers’ channels. Also, the built-in speakers of the soundbar are bigger than the TV’s built-in speakers.

Keep reading because I will explain why size matters here, and you will also know the sound dispersion nature of both of these speakers’ compositions.

Head-on comparison of TV built-in speakers and Soundbar built-in speakers.

In this section, we will compare cheap soundbar built-in speakers and modern high-end TV built-in speakers.

Let’s first discuss what I consider a cheap soundbar. I think below $100 are the cheap soundbars. I will compare these soundbars with the TV’s built-in speakers.

Furthermore, I will compare them in three categories to understand them deeply.

Driver size comparison of their built-in speakers

TV speaker size vs soundbar speaker size comparison

The bigger the speaker’s driver size the deeper it can go into the sound frequencies spectrum. Most human dialogues are in the middle of the sound spectrum and to hit this mid-range better you need a bigger driver.

This bigger driver moves more slowly than a smaller driver. The slower it moves the deeper it will create these mid-frequencies.

The TV speaker’s driver is so small that it moves fast. That’s why it produces the high end of the sound frequency spectrum better and can’t go deep into the mid of the spectrum.

This is the reason the dialogues sound better and clearer with the soundbar than with the TV speakers.

Keep reading to know more shocking facts.

Read my review about the best soundbars under $300. There is a soundbar under $70 that throws fabulous dialogues. You can find that soundbar in this guide.

Sound Dispersion Comparison

TV speakers sound dispersion vs soundbar sound dispersion comparison

The TV’s built-in speakers are fitted at the back of it. More worrying thing is that they are pointed downward. The sound comes out of it and collides with the cabinet and blindly travels towards the audience.

Here are two problems. The sound can’t immerse you in the audio. The sound is just two rays that are coming from the two sides of the TV and that’s it. You can’t feel like you are in the action of the TV visuals.

The second problem is that. The sound collides with the chard surface of the cabinet and the cabinet surface adds flavor to the overall sound quality.

The soundbar sound travels straight at you and doesn’t collide and bounce back at you. The reason dialogue feels better with the soundbar is that it hits you straight and you feel like the characters on the Tv are talking to you.

Know, if a soundbar is worth it for TV, gaming, music, and karaoke. I have talked in detail in this guide.

Built-in speakers channels number Comparison

Tv built in speakers number vs soundbar built in speakers number

Almost every TV has just two-channel audio for its internal speakers. That’s why the brand installs just two speakers at the back of it. The stereo transition of the sound is not bigger and two small speakers can produce a wide range of frequencies. Every type of sound along with the dialogue comes out of these two speakers.

On the other hand, every soundbar has three-channel audio. One channel is dedicated to just dialogues. Along with it has a deeper and wider sound transition. When a vehicle drives from left to right on the screen. You can trace its travel better with the soundbar.

With the soundbar, you can feel the train move from left to right and it travels through the middle of the screen too. But when you are a little away from two you will just feel like the train just traveled from one point to another and missed the middle point.

In many soundbars, there is more than one speaker to represent one channel. This gives a better grip over the sound frequencies. A lot of these soundbars will have tweeters along with the woofers. Due to this, they can produce both high and mid frequencies better.

Know is the soundbar provides surround sound. I have provided the proven facts in this guide.

Final Verdict: Which is better?

You can clearly see that a cheap soundbar is better than any TV speaker. But the soundbar should be from a reputable brand.

Also, I gave all points to the soundbar in this guide. But this doesn’t mean that a soundbar is better than every type of speaker. These points are valid only when you are comparing the performance of the soundbar with the TV speakers.

Soundbar Vs LCR speakers. Which is better? I have compared the soundbar with regular speakers here.

Did you get something out of this soundbar guide? Hold On We Have Something Exciting To Share.

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Do soundbars sound better than TV speakers?

Soundbar sounds better than any modern TV on the market. The TV cabinet doesn’t have that much space to fit better speakers in it but the soundbar cabinet has plenty of space to fit the better speaker in it.

A very cheap soundbar can sound better than a high-end TV model. Because the soundbar has three channels of audio and is equipped with bigger and better speakers’ drivers.

Does a soundbar replace TV speakers?

The soundbar doesn’t replace the TV speakers, it just plays instead of them. When the soundbar is connected the TV will direct the audio to it rather than to its built-in speakers. The TV speakers will stay there but will be silent.

The soundbar is made to play sound better than the TV speakers. That’s why it plays the sound instead of the TV speakers. When you connect a soundbar then you will have to choose external speakers for the audio output in the TV’s sound settings.

Are expensive soundbars worth it?

Expensive than $300-700 soundbars are not worth it. Because in this price range you can buy a set of speakers that will sound better and the best than the soundbar.

Soundbars are created to give you a better audio experience than TV speakers. This should be your mission to upgrade the TV sound and should not expect surround sound or Dolby Atmos from the soundbar. Because then the soundbar gets so expensive that you can buy speakers set with that cost and will sound better than it.

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